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Patient's Case Studies At Life Force

A Steroid-Masked Nephrotic Syndrome Gets Cured Completely With Homeopathy

A 4-years-old girl child, Miss S.A (PIN 32156) consulted at Life Force Clinic on 16th May 2017 for her complaints of Nephrotic Syndrome which she was suffering from the last 6 months. She was experiencing puffiness around her eyes & swelling around her stomach along with a difficulty in passing the urine. Also, she had gained 4 kgs of weight from September 2016.

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She was taking steroids for the same. Her urine proteins were +++ as done on 12th April 2017. Also, the kid had the complaints of recurrent episodes of a cold & cough.

After the intake of steroids, she used to turn irritable, stubborn, & suffered from a marked sleeplessness. She used to cry for hours together if the things she desired for were not given to her. She was hyperactive even during the episodes. She had an excessive craving for milk, and she used to have it 7-8 times/day.

On her first follow up on 14th July 2017, the parents of the patient mentioned that the patient’s swelling had reduced slightly, and she was also experiencing a better relief in passing the urine.

Subsequently, in her third follow-up on 27th Sept 2017, the child had a minimal puffiness left around her eyes and stomach. Her urine proteins on 20th September 2017 were NIL. Now, she no more suffered from the difficulty in passing the urine. Her relief from the complaints of a frequent cough & cold was also better than earlier.

On her next follow-up in Dec 2017, the patient was completely off steroids from the last 2 months with no complaints by following only homeopathic medications. Her urine proteins were also NIL.

The child had recovered exceptionally even after the withdrawal of steroids, which she had taken for over a year. There was no relapse of the symptoms, even after completely stopping the steroid doses. Her urine proteins on repeated investigations for the next 6 months were also NIL.

The parents were completely satisfied with the progressive improvement in the health of their child and on the complete stoppage of steroids. 


This case highlights that homeopathic medicines work the best, even in the cases where the patient is steroid-dependent, and promote the complete recovery from the symptoms and disease even after steroid withdrawal.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka R, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD)

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