Life Force Foundation Trust

Life Force Foundation Trust (LFFT)

LFFT (Life Force Foundation Trust)  is a Research and Charitable arm of Homeopathy India Pvt Ltd. LFFT is a charitable trust registered under Mumbai Charity Commissioner, registration number Registration No. TR/43188 dated 25/06/2010.


Currently, LFFT (Life Force Foundation Trust)  is focusing on medical research in the space of Homeopathy. It is also committed to charitable and social work. 


Some friends have joined hands to support the cause

During the Corina crisis, a few days after the lockdown in Mumbai, some of my friends near my house were kind in extending the helping hands to support the needy individuals at the quarantine facility run by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). They all simply desired to help the needy, without any expectation. Thye joined LFFT unconditionally.

  • Dr Rajesh Shah, Director, Life Force
  • Shailesh Sheth, Director, Kris Flexipack 
  • Jayant Kohale, former executive, Larsen & Toubro
  • Manu Agarwal, Founder,
  • Navin Agrawal, Partner with KPMG
  • Praveen Sood, former CFO HCC and Lavasa
  • Naveen Kumar, Executive, Larsen & Toubro
  • Khalid  Reza, Co-founder, Vernost 
  • Ashish Chand Thakur, Director, Barclays (USA) 
  • Dr Rakesh Baksh
  • Prakash Shah, Executive Director, Hiranandani Developers 
  • Captain Gurpreet Singh Ahluwalia  

Recent Activities (April, May June, July 2020)

  • Scientific development of Covid19 Nosode (like a Homeopathic vaccine)
  • Distributing Preventive and Immunity building medicine to the masses 
  • Supporting COVID19 Quarantine center run by Mumbai Municipal Corporation
  • Clinical Trial for prophylactic measures 
  • Distributing milk, fruits, iron supplements to poor 


Enjoy Sharing: A platform for sharing used clothes to the needy


A mobile app, as well as a web-based application, is in the making which will allow anyone in the world to send one's use clothes (in good shape) (and other items like toys, books, furniture, etc.) to those who could still use them. The app will allow one to select the needy and directly donate and send the material. We hope this app to be functional by August 2020. More information at


Ongoing projects:

  • New Drug Development projects
  • Fundamental research 
  • Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trial (Drug Proving)
  • Others 



LFFT invites financial contributions for the charitable cause. There are tax benefits under the 80G certificate.

Certificate u/s. 80G DIT (E) / MC / 80G / 873 / 2011-12   dated 9th June 2011     12-A Registration No. TR/43188 dated 25/06/2010

Contributions can be made online from the following link.



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