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Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, believed in spreading the message of homeopathy to people who did not know much about the benefits of this science. Ever since the Internet came into practice, he launched India's first medical website and also became the pioneer of Online medical practice in the world.

He started answering a large number of questions asked by patients all across the world. Most of the questions were about the scope of
treatment for various diseases such as eczema, asthma, lichen planus, vitiligo, urticaria, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. After having answered many thousands of such queries, he decided to use the technology to assist him in this process.

He developed some web tools, which were called 'Curability tests', which were based on some simple logic. He developed a series of such tests, which were able to give clues about the scope of treatment, based on his experience over many years.

All such Curability tests developed by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, have copyright protections, covered under Intellectual Property Rights. The tests have been designed to get only an approximate idea of the scope of treatment. Finally, the patient has to take an opinion from a local doctor or an expert to define the exact scope.

Adult Asthma Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Alopecia Areata Lichen Planus
Child Asthma Psoriasis
Frequent Colds Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hair Loss Ulcerative Colitis
Hepatitis C Urticaria

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