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Life Force is the world leader in homeopathic practice. Life Force is run globally by Homeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. (HIPL) under the direct care of  Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, and Dr. Rupal Shah, MD, a globally renowned homeopathic doctor-couple. Life Force is among Asia's largest homeopathic clinics, treating patients from over 180+ countries (an established world record).


Life Force is the world's first ISO 9001:2008 certified homeopathic clinic with an attached research wing. We have been practicing ISO modalities since 2002, which has made our system much more quality conscious than most others in the world in the homeopathic practice category. There may be several ISO-certified clinics, but Life Force is one that has ISO certification for a clinic with a research wing, which is unique.

Life Force would like to humbly take credit for being able to spread the benefits of homeopathic healing to thousands of families all over the world. Life Force is working hard to spreading the message of homeopathy to people in every country, every city, and every village across the globe. The organization is involved in global practice, international promotion of homeopathy, education, and research.

Life Force has been actively involved in promoting homeopathy across borders. People from over 180 countries have been reported to receive scientific information on the role of homeopathy in various diseases through 20+ websites launched by Life Force giving insights into homeopathy.

Homeopathic medical education is a significant part of the Life Force. Life Force has conducted clinical Training courses in the last thirteen years in England, the USA, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Croatia, etc. Seminars and workshops have been conducted in Belgium, Holland, Greece, the Czech Republic, etc. Intense training courses have been conducted every year since 1994 at our centers in Mumbai, which have been attended by doctors from Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, England, Canada, Sweden, Laos, Ireland, USA, etc.

Various research projects in scientific homeopathy have been carried out, and research has been an ongoing process in our organization. Research in scientific investigation, newer medical measures, fundamental research, clinical trials, and statistical studies form a vital part of the scope of Life Force. Life Force is setting up a global network of homeopaths whereby classical and scientific homeopathy could be promoted.

Life Force has inspired many homeopaths and conventional doctors in many parts of the world to have high practice standards. The use of technology paperless and eco-friendly functioning of the clinic are among some of the highlights of Life Force, besides its pioneering feature of conducting research in a clinical environment.

Life Force Foundation Trust, a charity wing of Life Force, has been involved in social work and medical research for a long time. 


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