Speech by Honorable Governor of Maharashtra Mr Mohammed Fazal at the inauguration of Life Force Homeopathy 

Dr. Rajesh Shah, Dr (Mrs) Rupal Shah, all the medical and non-medical colleagues, ladies and gentlemen...


I am very happy to be here for the inauguration of the Life Force Centre promoted by Dr. Rajesh Shah and Dr. Rupal Shah. The service that Dr. Rajesh Shah has been rendering to patients across the world with the help of Information Technology is indeed valuable. The goodness of Dr. Shah lies in the fact he is not working for his own benefit but is working for popularizing Homeopathy all over the world. I understand that Dr. Shah has gathered addresses of Homeopaths across the world and whenever a person consults him over the Internet, he e-mails him the address of the homeopath nearest to him-be it in Germany, New Zealand, or any other country.


I firmly believe that every faculty of Medicine such as Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurved, Unani, etc. has its own distinct advantages as also disadvantages. It is unfortunate that there is little or no coordination between doctors from these faculties in our country. The final objective of any system of medicine has to be to give the quickest relief to the patient from his suffering at the lowest cost and with the minimum side effects.


Homeopathy offers safe treatment for many diseases that are supposed to be incurable. I understand from the information sent by Dr. Shah that Homeopathy offers non-surgical options in many ailments such as enlarged tonsils, kidney stones, piles, etc. it is also believed to cure allergies and skin disorders, I think that doctors from other faculties should seek the help of Homeopaths to complement their own efforts in the management of diseases that cannot be cured with their own course of treatment.


Dr. Shah has candidly stated that Homeopathic treatment is not a substitute for any mode of modern medicine such as Chemo-Therapy, surgery, radiation, etc in the treatment of cancer. The role of homeopathy is more complementary than the alternative when it comes to managing cancer disease.


For several small disorders and health problems, our grandmothers had handy and very effective household solutions. With the arrival of nuclear families, there is no place for grandmothers in the household. As a result, these quick remedies are disappearing or getting extinct. I will be happy if Dr. Rajesh Shah's informative websites also give some of these tried and tested household remedies for the benefit of patients across the world.


I wish Dr. Rajesh Shah, Dr. (Mrs.) Shah and their team all success in their endeavors and declare the Life Force Homeopathy Centre open.



(Address by Honorable Shri Mohd. Fazal, Governor of Maharashtra at the inauguration of Life Force Homeopathic Centre at Chembur, Mumbai, India on 20 October 2003)


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