Frequently Asked Questions About Various Diseases treated At Life Force

A. About homeopathy
B. About Life Force
C. About Dr Rajesh Shah

A. About homeopathy

  • a. What is homeopathy and how is it different than other modes of treatments?
    Homeopathy is a system of medicine found in Germany in 1794 and currently in practice in over 100 countries, including all states in the United States, all of Europe, Australia, most Asian countries, the middle and far-East, and Africa. It is different from conventional medicine (also called allopathy) in several ways. Basically, homeopathy believes in treating the patient as a whole, in totality, rather than treating the disease in parts. Also, the homeopathic medicines are in the potentized form, which is like nano-particles, which makes the recovery of the disease effective yet safe.

  • b. Why do you recommend homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is recommended because it treats, especially chronic diseases, at a deeper level giving lasting relief as compared to the conventional medicines which give temporary relief in most chronic diseases.

  • c. Which diseases are treated well with homeopathy? Homeopathy is more effective for chronic and recurring diseases such as allergies, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, chronic infections, muscular diseases, metabolic diseases, psychosomatic diseases, etc. To name some of the hundreds of diseases where homeopathy could prove effective: Allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus, urticaria, migraine, sinusitis, frequent colds, autism, ankylosing spondylitis, IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis c, ADHD, underactive thyroid, psoriatic arthritis, Chalazion, anxiety disorders, depression, GERD, hair loss, trigeminal neuralgia, and many more. Please click here to see a larger list of diseases.

  • d. Which diseases cannot be treated using homeopathy?
    Homeopathy cannot be effective in critical conditions such as severe infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, severe painful conditions, truly surgical diseases, diseases with irreversible changes in the body, and many more. It all depends on the stage and extent of the disease.

  • e. How do I know if homeopathy can help my disease?
    A well-qualified and experienced homeopathic doctor can decide if your disease can be helped with homeopathy or not. Please explore this page to see the list of diseases, which can be helped using homeopathy. Please also explore Dr Rajesh Shah's videos. Also, you can send us an e-mail or chat with our doctors online at Life Force for getting an idea if your disease is treatable using homeopathy or not.

  • f. Is homeopathy slow to act?
    Homeopathy is relatively slow to act many times, if not always, as compared to chemical-based convention medicines.

  • g. If homeopathy is slow to act, why do you recommend homeopathy?
    Well, when it comes to the treatment for chronic diseases, it is not important if the treatment is fast or slow; what is more important is to have a long-term and lasting solution; rather than the treatment which works quickly but for a short time. It is like a hare and tortoise story. Homeopathy wins there!

  • h. Is homeopathy safe?
    Homeopathy is almost always safe due to the nature of medicines if prescribed by a qualified homeopathic doctor. It is safe for babies, pregnant females, and elderly people.

  • i. Is homeopathy scientific?
    Homeopathic efficacy has been proven in many placebo-controlled scientific clinical trials. If you search on the net, you will find many scientific papers published about homeopathy research in an international, peer-reviewed journal.

  • j. Why didn't my family doctor (GP) suggest me homeopathy?
    Most conventional family doctors (GP) are not trained in homeopathy; so they are unaware of the benefits of homeopathy. However, the trend is changing. If you wish to take advantage of homeopathy, you have to take a lead and research; and also motivate your doctor to study homeopathy. You cannot afford to be deprived of the benefits of homeopathy simply due to the ignorance of your doctor! After all, you need to be treated and get well; not your doctor.

  • k. Why do some conventional doctors have an unfriendly attitude about homeopathy?
    This bias about homeopathy is due to a lack of training and experience about homeopathy. In fact, at Life Force, we treat a large number of conventional doctors from many countries who approach us for homeopathic treatment. Medical education as on today is not yet most evolved. The most evolved medical education will have all forms of treatments (including homeopathy) taught to the doctors.

  • l. Can I take homeopathy if I am taking other (conventional, allopathic) medicines?
    Yes, of course. Both kinds of medicines can be taken together.

  • m. Do homeopathic medicines contain cortisone or steroid?
    No, homeopathic medicines do not contain any cortisone or steroid.

  • n. How do I find a good homeopathic doctor or practice?
    Qualified and trained homeopathic doctors are found in some countries such as India, Germany, Austria, Holland, the UK, Australia, the USA, South Africa, and others. You have to take a search through the local yellow pages directory or on the Internet. Please refer to our article on this topic.


B. About Life Force

  • i. What kind of treatment do you offer at Life Force?
    Answer: At Life Force, our focus in on the treatment of chronic and recurring diseases such as Allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus, urticaria, migraine, sinusitis, frequent colds, autism, ankylosing spondylitis, IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis c, ADHD, underactive thyroid, psoriatic arthritis, Chalazion, anxiety disorders, depression, GERD, hair loss, trigeminal neuralgia, and many more. Please click here to see a larger list of diseases.

  • ii. How is Life Force homeopathy treatment different than other regular homeopathic clinics in my city or country?
    Well, Life Force is an organization and not just a clinic. Under the care of Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, a world-renowned homeopath, Life Force clinics are committed to high-quality treatments based on the expertise and experience of Dr Shah for about 30 years. It also has the advantage of the latest research work conducted at Life Force. Life Force has given unique homeopathy experiences to our patients from over 180 countries.

  • iii. How do I consult Life Force clinics for my treatment?
    Life Force clinics are available for consultation through two channels. 1. Personal visits 2. Online treatment.
    For personal visits, you can fix an appointment by calling our clinics or by sending an email. (Please click this.) Online treatment, it can be done online without visiting us in person.

  • iv. Are doctors at Life Force trained about conventional medicines as well?
    Yes, the doctors at Life Force are medically trained doctors who have excellent clinical knowledge as well as good knowledge of the conventional methods; who are trained to guide you for the treatment of your ailment.

  • iv. If I visit Life Force to see Dr Rajesh Shah, what is the procedure?
    Life Force branches can be visited with prior appointments. If you want to consult Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, in person, you can fix an appointment for the Chembur branch. After registration, an associate doctor will record your case before Dr Shah will see you in person.

  • v. Can I consult Life Force doctors online without visiting the center?

  • vi. If I visit Life Force in Mumbai, how much time do I need to spend at the center?
    Typically, the registrant takes about five minutes; your case study takes about 45 minutes and if you have to see Dr Shah, it may take additional about 20 minutes. Other formalities may take about 30 minutes. We suggest about two hours on a regular day. The follow-up visits may take about 30 minutes. Some variation may be possible depending on the complexity of your case and other factors.

  • vii. Is there any accommodation available near Life Force, if I come from a foreign country or outside Mumbai?
    Patients coming from overseas and other parts of the country, stay in hotels in Mumbai. Life Force does not provide any accommodation. All branches of Life Force are well located, allowing easy approach from the airport, train stations, and by road.

  • viii. Do I need to come every time for a visit?
    Not really. Our online-support system allows you to get treated online with ease.

  • ix. How is your fees structure? Do I have to pay every time I visit?
    Our fee structure is defined on the website. Once you are under a particular treatment plan for a specific period of 4 or 8 or 12 months, you do not require to pay again until the end of the period.

  • ix. How is your support system at Life Force? Can I call doctors at Life Force during the course of my treatment?
    Yes. Once you get started with the treatment, our online Patient Support System (PSS) allows us to communicate by e-mail 24/7. Also, it is possible for you to talk to our doctors and support staff almost twelve hours a day, six days a week, over the phone.


C. About Dr. Rajesh Shah

  • i. Is it possible to meet Dr Rajesh Shah personally at Life Force? What is the procedure?
    Yes, Dr Shah is available for consultation with a prior appointment at the Chembur clinic.

  • ii. If I opt for Online treatment at Life Force, will my case be studied by Dr Rajesh Shah?
    Yes, Dr Rajesh Shah also personally reviews all online cases.

  • iii. Can I talk to Dr Rajesh Shah over the phone during the course of treatment?
    Our system allows all registered patients to communicate with one of Dr Shah's associate doctors. If your case demands your talking to Dr Shah is necessary, you will be given a telephonic apportionment to talk to Dr Shah.

  • iv. Does Dr Rajesh Shah make himself available for consultation during his travels in other countries?
    Depending on the time availability, Dr Shah likes to see some of the patients wherever he travels. The intimation is sent to our patients from that country or state before Dr Shah's scheduled visits.

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