Patient's Case Studies At Life Force

“I could achieve significant relief in my obstinate Eczema with Dr. Shah’s medicines.”


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Seventy years old retired, Mr. T. P. V. visited Life Force on 26th June 2010. He came to know about Dr. Shah through one of his friend who was getting treated for Vitiligo with Life Force. He had good results and hence recommended Mr. T. P. V. to start treatment for Eczema. Mr. T. P. V. was residing in Bhopal. His patient identification number is 14465.

He gave his case details as follows.

He had eczema since five to six years on both the foot near the ankle area. It had started on right leg. There was dryness, scaling and oozing of watery discharge from the lesion. There was pain in these when he would scratch it along with bleeding. The skin would get better in cold weather. He ahd tried homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine in the past with no relief. He was taking conventional medicine at present and having mild relief.

He also used to get few water filled boils on the hands which would burst by it and heal. This had started two years back.

He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, two years back.

He was vegetarian by choice with average appetite. There were no complaints in urine, thirst, perspiration and bowels. Warm weather was intolerant to him.

He was living a peaceful retired life. His wife had also retired. His son was working. His daughter was married and settled.

He was kind hearted and religious person. His life was contended with no major worries.

His mother had expired due to cancer. His paternal grandmother had heart disease. All the other family members were apparently healthy.

He was prescribed few research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

He reported in September 2010 with good improvement. He had shown good initial response in July and his case was stable since then. The dryness, itching and scaling were mildly less.

He reported in December 2010 with around 30 – 40% improvement. The dryness, itching and scaling had significantly reduced. The itching at times would be severe and cause bleeding. There was no spread or new spots.

He visited in April 2011 with further improvement. He was anxious as it would increase always in summer. The scaling had mildly increased, though there was no spread. The itching was same. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in the medicine taking into consideration the weather changes.

He reported in July 2011with around 60 – 75% improvement. This summer had been much better as compared to previous summers for his skin. The itching was mild and occasional. The dryness and scaling had improved by 70%.

He reported in November 2011 with around 80 – 90% improvement. The skin was gradually healing. The scaling and dryness were mild.

He continued with the medicines for few months and further improved.

He visited our clinic on 6th March 2014 with other relative. He was glad to state that he had recovered completely in the skin. The last 2 summers were absolutely fine. He did not get any itching or scaling.

uploaded on 13 March. by Dr. M.N.P.

*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.