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Patient's Case Studies At Life Force

100% Recovery From Psoriasis With Life Force Homeopathy

A 33-years-old man, Mr. M.J.M. (PIN 30640) from Borivali Mumbai, India approached Life Force for the treatment of his extensive psoriasis which he was suffering for three to four years. He suffered from extremely extensive lesions over the both of his legs, hands, trunk, back, and scalp. His lesions were red and inflamed and had plenty of scaling and white silvery flakes with dandruff, but his symptoms used to get better after applying steroid since two months. His complaints used to get aggravated due to the summer, winter, and by eating spicy food. He was on the conventional treatment but was not satisfied with the results. 

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He was not suffering from any other illness besides psoriasis.

He appetite was average. He had cravings for sweets and chocolates. His thirst was less. He perspired a lot, prominently on the face. He had an average build. His sleep was sound. He had dreams of his kid and that he became a rich man.

He was CA by profession. His wife was also in the same profession. He had one son of 2 years old. His father had retired as a bank manager. 

His father had diabetes, hypertension, and heart problem. His mother had hypertension, hypothyroidism, and lymphadenopathy. 

He had tuberculosis infection in the past.

He was a talkative person and sensitivity by nature. He had lots of responsibilities of the family so he had stress related to it.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed research-based medicines for one and a half months to the patient
After the sixth week of the treatment, he reported on 3rd Feb 2017 that there was 5% improvement in his condition. He experienced a reduction in itching, scaling, and redness. He had stopped steroid application on his own.

Thereafter, he experienced an improvement in his relief from psoriasis for the next 3 months with the medicines. There was no increase in his lesions. Also, his relief from itching and scaling ameliorated.
On 17th October 2017, when he gave his follow-up over the phone, there was 95% improvement in his psoriatic spots. Also, his itching, bleeding, and scaling had reduced significantly. 

His disease was constantly under control. After a few months of the treatment, his old lesions experienced a great recovery than earlier. When he visited on 10th June 2018, there was a 100% improvement in his condition. No new lesions had appeared, and no new spread of the disease was noted. The relief from the itching was better significantly. 


This case highlights that homeopathy is strongly suggestive in the cases of psoriasis for the best recovery. Psoriasis can be managed effectively with the proper administration of homeopathic medicine and strategic tapering of the local steroids.  

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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