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Great Relief From Pain & Discomfort Due To Trigeminal Neuralgia Found With Homeopathy

A 74-year-old man (PIN: 36884) visited Life Force in July 2018 with the complaints of trigeminal neuralgia. He presented with a severe lightning type of pain affecting the face and forehead.

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He was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia since one year, and he was suffering from the difficulty in the movement of facial muscles, which was making him unable to eat hard foods, and pain, particularly around the eyes. 

His pain used to get aggravated by facial movements, drinking water, blinking eyes, and while swallowing the foods. He was taking a high dose of conventional medicines, including painkillers daily.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed to the patient accordingly.


After taking the first dose of medicines, the pain of the patient reduced gradually to 10% to 20%.

After 2 months of the treatment, the patient was able to move the facial muscles with not much pain. Also, the frequency of occurrence and the intensity of his pain had reduced. He was told to reduce and taper the dose of conventional medicines. 

After 5 months of the homeopathic treatment, he completely stopped the conventional painkillers and his complaints were managed very well with homeopathic medicines. His discomforting symptoms had drastically reduced.

This is case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy not only helps you obtain relief from the pain and discomfort resulting due to trigeminal neuralgia but also helps eliminate your dependency on conventional medicines and painkillers.

Written by Dr. Vinay R, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.