45 year old woman was detected of Hepatitis C during her preliminary blood tests done at the time when she was undergoing Methotrexate treatment for an ectopic pregnancy.

45 year old woman Mrs. N. H., (Patient reference no.: 9298) reported online for the treatment of Hepatitis C which she had been suffering from since the last 8 years. The condition was detected during her preliminary blood tests done at the time when she was undergoing Methotrexate treatment for an ectopic pregnancy. Her liver function tests had found to be abnormal at that time and she was also detected to be Hepatitis C positive. She then had a confirmatory RNA testing and a biopsy which showed HCV genotype 1a, mildly active, with stage I portal fibrosis.

She had history of using shared syringes and having multiple sex partners prior to the detection of her complaints. At the time of reporting to us, she had symptoms of fatigue, foggy thinking, malaise, depression, irritability, insomnia, alopecia, night sweats and dark skin around the eyes. She would feel worse when stressed over work. She would be very tired by the time she would get off work and this would make her irritable in the evenings.

She had contracted mononucleosis at age 12 and was a carrier of the Epstein-Barr virus. She also had moderate-to-severe scoliosis and tinnitus for the past few years.
She had a good appetite in general and liked sweet and salt together. She was very fond of savoury flavours and had a strong dislike for bitter. She would purposefully drink lots of water.
She would sweat normally and had a great dislike for hot weather. She had no complaints pertaining to her stools or urine. Her periods were regular and without any complaints. Her sleep would be generally interrupted in the middle of the night and occasionally she would face problem falling back to sleep again. She would often get bad dreams of loss of a loved one.

She described that she was an unexpected child late in her mother's life and that her mother was not thrilled to have her and was a generally unloving and critical towards her. She had been abused sexually as a child. She left her house at the age of 13, got pregnant at the age of 14 and the pregnancy ended in a spontaneous miscarriage. She got into drug addiction that continued for 11 years before she gave it up. She had had two marriages and both had ended due to physical and emotional abuse. She spent some time of her life alone and thereafter was happily married to a loving person.

She was generally a relaxed, calm and happy person unless stressed, tired and/or ill; then she would become irritable, anxious and morose with a depressive outlook. Much of this anger would be turned inward on herself. She had a very stressful job in a corporate environment, for which she wouldn't respect herself because according to her, corporations represent much of what is evil in the world. She would feel helpless to change the way things are in the world, e.g., overpopulation, greed destroying the earth, etc. She would feel the need to be constantly vigilant in life so as to keep bad things from happening. Early childhood experiences with sickness and death had made her more sensitive to the death of animals than humans. This was because of the loss of love that she experienced when as a small child she gave and received more love from pets than family, and those pets died at a young age. The saddest events in her life were witnessing destruction and death. She mentioned that she very much felt the pain of the earth and its creatures, and the knowledge of what is happening to it every day and the "big picture" of the acceleration of this damage made her feel very stressed, sad and angry.

In the past, she had suffered from recurrent tonsillitis, pneumonia, recurrent UTI's, syphilis, and gonorrhoea. Her maternal grandmother suffered from lung cancer, her father had rheumatoid arthritis, her mother had shellfish allergy and gallstones and her sister had narcolepsy.
She had not received any treatment for her Hepatitis C and was not prepared to take interferon treatment. She had been on Chinese, herbal and Ayurvedic medicines as well as nutritional and energy balance treatment for some time.

When she started treatment with us, her blood reports were as follows:
24th January, 2006 : HCV RNA (Viral load) : 645,210 IU/ml

Her case was evaluated and she was prescribed medication for her complaints of Hepatitis C. She steadily started noticing improvement in her symptoms and after about one year of treatment, her viral load was rechecked. This time the viral load had significantly reduced as compared to before. The results have been tabulated below:


Viral Load

Before treatment (January 2006)

645,210 IU/ml

After treatment (January 2007)

233,310 IU/ml

She was advised to continue treatment further on similar lines for obtaining more benefits of the treatment. She was very pleased to obtain such good results without having to take any interferon and without any side-effects whatsoever.

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