27 years old complaint of severe burning in the retrosternal area, food regurgitation, sensation as if something stuck in the region behind the sternum, nausea and eructations.

A 27 years old patient, Ms T. A. residing in Mumbai, presented with complaint of severe burning in the retrosternal area, food regurgitation, sensation as if something stuck in the region behind the sternum, nausea and eructations. She used to have this complaint everyday since the last one year. The complaints were more frequent after meals, after spicy food and continued till late night, disturbing her sleep. She was diagnosed as having GERD.

She also complained of difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, sighing, especially during periods of anxiety. She was in a state of severe anxiety, restlessness, apprehension, insecurity, feeling vulnerable and worried (panic attacks).

She would get these attacks daily since the past one year. It was diagnosed as having Anxiety Neurosis. Her case was taken in detail, to understand all her problems in depth.

Physical Characteristics:
She had craving for fish. There was aversion for sour food. Thermal Preference: she felt more of heat, winter suited her, she could not tolerate summer.

Personal History:
Patient is a 27 years old, fair, good looking, polite person with decent manners. She works in an MNC, as a Business Development Officer. She is precise in her narration.

She is a Science Graduate; from a well educated, urban family, of the Muslim community. She lived with her father, mother, brother and sister. She described her father as a very noble, calm, well educated and balanced person. Her mother was caring and loving woman. She is very close with her brother and sister. She had a very happy and contented life.

She got married at the age of 22. Her husband was working in the Merchant Navy. The first year of her married life, went off very smoothly. She was happy. Later on problems started appearing. Her husband started suspecting her character, becoming more irritable, violent at times. He was a very tall, well built, muscular man. Later on she learned that he was suffering from Psychiatric illness (Mania). His parents had concealed this information from them, prior to marriage. She was already in the 5 th month of pregnancy, when came to know of this. Husband's violent attacks went on increasing; he would threaten to kill her. He would hit her, kick her, and strangle her. It became a threat for the child in her womb, so she went to stay with her parent's house. Her in-laws in the mean time treated him for his Mania. After the birth of her daughter, she came to stay with her Husband. But her ordeal continued. She would fear him; she would be sleepless, when he was drunk. Because he would threaten her regarding the child, saying that he would kill her, if patient did not obey him. Even the slightest provocation was enough for him to become violent. Once he hit her so hard that she almost became dazed for some time.

That was the time that she decided to end the relationship. She went to her parent's house and decided to divorce him. Her husband would call her back and on her refusal, he would threaten her with dire consequences. He would threaten to kidnap the child, torture her, or kill her, if patient insisted for divorce. This would make patient anxious and fearsome. She said that, she had never experienced such violence and abuse. She had become so attached towards her child, and her husband knew about her vulnerability. She knew that given an opportunity he would definitely harm the child, as he was seen roaming near there house and had stalked her number of times, for which she had contacted the police and some action was taken against him.

The second biggest challenge for her was regarding her future and her daughter's future.

Taking up any job, meant leaving the child at home in the care of her parents, who could not protect her if her husband came in the house forcibly. This, along with the financial problems worsened her insecurities and apprehensions. Patient then rented a house in another suburb where the security was good, and took her parents with her. She joined a job. The divorce took place eventually. Currently she is having a secure job. She has come to terms with her life. She says that, in 5 years she saw everything, marriage, child, divorce. She has lived her life and now she is living only for her daughter.

However, even now, occasionally, her husband threatens her over the phone, and so she becomes very, very insecure and anxious…panicky.

Her personality:

She described herself as a reserved person, she does not express her emotions, does not share her problems. She is insecure, about her future, about her daughter. Previously she used to weep a lot. Now even if she is upset, she can't weep. Even if she does weep, she weeps only when she is alone. She has a desire for company. She has fear of heights. Fear of violence. She is irritable by nature, even at trifles, she expresses her anger, for which she repents later. She is easily offended. She is very sensitive and sentimental in her nature.

She had undergone several Investigations, her X Ray of the chest was normal, her sonography of the abdomen was normal, Her ECG showed Sinus Tachycardia. Her Serum Calcium and thyroid report was normal.

Dr. Shah studied the case and prescribed Ignatia 1 M and Caps 30 for 1 month.

After 1 month her complaints of GERD were better by 50 % and Anxiety only mildly reduced. The same medicine was repeated for 1 month. In the third visit her GERD was better by 75 % and her Anxiety was better by 50 %. Dr. Shah gave her Ignatia 1 M further and in the 4 th visit , i.e. after 3 months of treatment, she reported further improvement. GERD and Anxiety better both were better by more than 95 %.

In a short period of 3 months, she had substantial recovery in her GERD and Anxiety Neurosis, a complaint that she was suffering since one year on a daily basis. She looked relaxed and confident in the 4 th follow up. Her sleep had regularized. She had stopped all her allopathic medicines.

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