A Case Of Frequent Cold Since Childhood Treated Effectively With Homeopathy In 3 Months

A 20-year-old male patient, Mr. Y.L. (PIN: 38310) visited the Sassoon Branch of Life Force Homeopathy on 22nd October 2018 with complaints of frequent colds. He had complaints of frequent colds since childhood. 

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The symptoms which he was experiencing during episodes were sneezing, green nasal discharge, the blockage of the nose, a loss of smell, a sore throat with hoarseness, yellowish expectoration, sometimes, the occurrence of blood in expectoration, pain in his ear, and headache.
He had a past history of Tonsillitis and Ligament tear of the right leg.
The patient also had complaints of Fungal Infection Tinea Cruris.

He was taking Tab Augmentin DUO 625 [Amoxycillin (500 mg) + Clavulanic Acid (125 mg)] for 5 days and Tab Allegra 120 (Fexofenadine) whenever required.

The patient was vegetarian and had a disliking for sour foods. By nature, the patient was introverted and sympathetic and had leadership qualities. After a detailed case analysis. Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicine for his complaints of Frequent colds. He was also advised on diet and regime.

On the first follow-up on 13th December 2018, the patient’s relief from the complaints was 70% better. He had experienced only one episode of cold in six weeks. He had only the complaint of a dry cough left. He had stopped all his allopathic medicines.
On the second follow-up on 22nd January 2019, the patient was 100% better. He had no episodes of cold in the last month. His relief from the complaint of fungal infection was also better by 100%. He had no complaints now. 

On the third follow-up on 2nd March 2019, he told that he had experienced no episodes of cold. 

On the fourth follow-up on 12th April 2019, he mentioned that he had experienced one episode of throat infection but its intensity was very less. He had not taken any allopathic medicines.

On the fifth follow-up on 6th Jun 2019, he told that he had experienced no episodes of cold or throat infection in the last two months. The patient is feeling much better than earlier.

The patient is feeling good and is very happy with the treatment at Life Force and is continuing his treatment for further recovery. 

This case illustrates that homeopathy treats chronic cases like Frequent colds, which have affected the patient for years, very effectively and safely without any side effects. 

Written by Dr. Shilpa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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