10 year old child with extensive urticaria gets cured.

Master S. C. (Patient ref. no: L6910), 10 years old child was brought to the clinic by his parents for complaints of urticarial rashes for the last 2 months. The patient would develop rashes all over his body beginning from his neck and then spreading downwards to involve the whole of his body. There would be marked itching and these lesions would last 2 to 3 hours. His lips would also be swollen at times. This complaint would occur daily and it would begin around 4 to 6 p.m. and continue to increase for 2 to 3 hours. This complaint had started soon after the family had shifted to this city 2 months ago. Since then he had started getting these rashes on his body which would become worse after certain foods that he had tolerated well in the past. He would develop urticaria soon after taking milk or any milk product. He would particularly be worse from pulses, French beans, cottage cheese, etc.

He also had complaints of recurrent episodes of tonsillitis since childhood. He would get attacks of severe throat pain at least once every 3 months. He would get a dry cough during these episodes and would require antibiotics for the same. His complaints would be worse from cold drinks, cold food, and ice creams.

His appetite was normal and he had a great liking for sweets and cottage cheese. He would dislike green leafy vegetables. He would sweat profusely especially on the face and scalp.

He stayed with his parents and grandmother and was a quiet child by nature. But he would get very irritable and agitated whenever he would get these rashes. At other times he would be a nice child who was good at his studies and extra-curricular activities. He often had to be pushed to do the writing work as he was not very fond of writing, but otherwise, he was a responsible child. His mother said that he would often remark, “Why did this happen to me?” because he was very much agitated with his illness.

There was no history of any major illness in childhood except for the episodes of frequent colds. In his family, his father suffered from allergies to dust, perfumes, smoke, etc. His father also had bronchial asthma. His grandparents were hypertensive and his maternal grandmother suffered from Ischemic heart disease. Both his great-grandparents suffered from cancer.

He had been on the conventional anti-histamines for his complaints of urticaria but the medicines would give him only temporary relief in spite of abstaining from all the aggravating foods. The effect of the medicines would last only temporarily and the rashes kept coming back again.

Based on this history, the patient was prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with another remedy Trip 30 for 2 weeks. He reported to us at the end of 2 weeks when his mother said that rashes were not as widespread as before and not as severe. Also, the duration of rashes had come down as compared to before. The medication was continued and at the end of 2 months of treatment, his complaints were more than 75% better than before. After being rash-free for about 8 weeks, he was slowly started on milk and milk products and also all other food items that he was previously allergic to. These items were slowly introduced in his diet, one by one, and he was monitored for the appearance of any rashes. He seemed to tolerate all of these normally and was on a completely normal diet at the end of 7 months of treatment. His complaint of recurrent colds was completely gone by this time. His treatment was concluded after this since he no longer required medication for anything now.

Remarks: This case tells a lot as to how thousands of urticaria sufferers can be helped with Homoeopathy. While reading this case summary you would have witnessed how wonderfully this chronic and deep-seated ailment can be cured at its root level and the patient could be beautifully brought out of the vicious cycle of antihistaminics.

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