Young man of Alopecia areata and IBS got relieved from LifeForce

Mr. BK twenty eight year, old man from Mumbai (Patient Identification Number: 23026) visited  LifeForce clinic on 26th June 2014 for the complaints of ALOPECIA AREATA since two years 

He also had  H PYLORI infection  since three years.

Mr. BK also reported for Alopecia Areata patch at left and right back side of scalp. Right patch  was bigger than left. 
 He had done thyroid function  where in TSH was 5.52, slightly high.

He had urgency and increased frequency of stools 3 times a day atleast. Urgency was more in morning time. Type of stools semi-solid, no mucus, no blood, not strained. There was no itching at the anus. There was no pain in abdomen before passing stools. His complaints increased after every meal. He also had foul breath. He had some  weight loss since 2 yrs. Urea breath test for H pylori was positive. Endoscopy and colonoscopy were normal. Before visiting LifeForce he was on conventional medicine which didn’t help him.                     

He was a normal built man.

He had average appetite, non vegetarian food habits.
He had more craving for eggs. He smoked cigarettes 3 per day. He had average thirst for water. His perspiration was profuse, all over the body . He couldn’t tolerate hot climate at all. His sleep was sound. His urination was normal.

He was  a business man running a courier company. Unmarried.  Stays with parents and brother. His father was hypertensive and has IHD.He had happy childhood. As a person he is confident, goal oriented person. He has some anxiety about disease.

Buisness oriented  person, hard working, Optimistic.

He was short tempered person If he doesn’t like something, some people he won`t turn back to it.
Dr Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Lycopodium 30 2 doses along with research treatment and alopecia areata research treatment.
After 2 months patient visited on 7th Aug 2014 which showed better improvement in Alopecia patch. 9th Aug TSH report showed  1.17 value( Last value was 5).
On 30th Sept patient reported 25% relief in IBS. On 26th Feb 2015 , his alopecia patch and H pylori complaints reduced to 40%.
Till April 2015 his both side of alopecia areata patch 90% recovered and no bald patch was visible.

Patient reported on 2nd Dec 2015 of complete symptomatic relief for his both ailment.He was very thankful to LifeForce for recovering in his alopecia patches as it was hindrance in society.

Mr. BK wished to be with Lifeforce treatment for some more time for immunity boost.
This case shows how progress can be expected with homoeopathic medicines rapidly and completely. It also showed quicker  relief in long standing chronic diseases.

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