Wonderful Improvement Found With Homeopathic Treatment For Underactive Thyroid

A 41-year-old lady, Mrs. G.K. (PIN: 34886) visited Life Force on 21st December 2017 with the complaint of an underactive thyroid.


Her complaint was detected accidentally one and a half years back during the routine investigations done for secondary infertility. The major symptoms experienced by her were weight gain (10 kgs in the last one and a half years), difficulty in losing weight, hair fall with more than 100+ strands falling per day, lethargy and tiredness, dryness of the skin, flatulency, irritability, and mood swings. She was getting menses regularly. No swelling was present on her body.


TSH level was more than 9 during the diagnosis. On 19th December 2017, the TSH level was 6.28 (High). She had taken homeopathic treatment for 2-3 months, one year back. The patient was on Tab Thyronorm 50mg from the last one and a half years.



The patient was a non-vegetarian and was having a normal appetite. She had cravings for spicy food, sour foods, and sweets. She had no particular aversions to any food. Her stool, urine, sleep, and thirst were normal.


She was married since the last 7 years. She was a homemaker. Her husband was into a business, and she had one son, who was 6 years old.


The patient was emotionally sensitive by nature and used to weep easily. She used to miss her parents and had the fear of ghosts.


She had a past medical history of renal calculus with no surgery. In her family’s medical history, her father had renal calculus and cancer. Her mother had an allergy, arthritis, renal calculi, and renal failure.


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Her current weight was 69.7 kgs and BP was 120/70 mm Hg.


Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed her Natrum Muriaticum 30 along with some research-based medicines for every 6 weeks.




After 3 months of homeopathic treatment on 22nd Mar 2018, the patient was symptomatically better. Her relief from the pain in the calf muscles and lethargy was better. Her hair fall had reduced to 70-80 strands/day. Her mood swings and flatulence had also reduced. Her weight was stable.


After 3 months of further treatment on 26h June 2018, her relief from the symptoms was much better than earlier. Also, her TSH levels improved to normalcy. Her TSH level had reduced and was within the normal range. On 5th May 2018, her TSH came down to 3.310.


On 10th August 2018, her TSH was 2.730


After 4 months of further treatment on 25th Oct 2018, her complaint was stable and the TSH was 4.710. The dose of conventional medicines was reduced to Tab Thyronorm 50mg on alternate days.


On 11th May 2019, her relief from the complaints was 60% to 70 % better. Her weight had reduced to 66 kgs. Her recovery from lethargy, mood swing, and flatulency was 80% better, and her with TSH level was in the normal range (TSH- 4.330). The dose of Tab Thyronorm was as it is.


The patient is still on the medication and is satisfied with the positive results she obtained.



This case highlights that homeopathic medications not only control the symptoms of an underactive thyroid but also reduce the dependency on conventional medicines, which are generally known to be life-long supplements. It stimulates the thyroid gland to function naturally and avoid the need of depending on any external supplements for the same.


  • Written by Dr. Renuka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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