Vitiligo white spots of on eyes, right thigh and back of my 6 years old kid completely gone. Thanks to Life Force

Ms VN (PIN 16498) a 6 years old girl from Thane (Maharashtra), India, was brought to Life Force clinic by her parents on 19th July 2011.

This sweet little girl was sufferng from vitiligo since 2 years. She had white spots over her eyes , right thigh and back. These spots were increasing gradualy. Her parents initialy opted for conventional (allopathic) medicines. With no results in 6 months, they shifted her line of treatment to Homeopathy by a local Homeopathic physician. With this treatment, the progression stopped but there was no repigmentation seen in white sopts.

While searching on the internet her parents came across Life Force Homeopathy. They went through the information about vitiligo, case studies, testimonials and photos given on and finaly decided to get it treated by Dr Shah at Life Force.

At Life Force they were clearly told that her vitiligo over thigh and back can be cured but spots over eyes are difficult to treat as it is mucocutaneous junction. Parents made their mind to start up with the teratment. While noting down his case details following information wes noted.

Her appetite, thirst, digestion, sleep were normal and regular. She would sweat very less and would easily get affected by hot weather. Emotionaly she was jovial but obstinate. She was restless physicaly and mentaly also.

After case study the details were evaluated by Dr Shah and Constitutional medicine was prescribed on 19th July 2011. Medicines were given for 2 months.

Ms VN then reported on 20th August 2010. The progression had stopped but parents were more concern about spots which were not reduced. Being parents, it was normal to have such anxiety. Associate doctors made them understand that recovery in such cases may take time and they need to kepp patience. After making necessary changes in medicines, Dr Shah prescribed next set of medicines for Miss V.

Every time she was given 6 weeks of medicines and there was gradual recovery seen in spots.
Initialy spots on thighs started loosing their brightness. Gradualy the edges of these white spots started closing in leading to complete repigmentation. After 10 months her spots on back also started following same path of recovery.

Within 1 year of treatment her thigh and back spots were completly gone. However spots on eye had responded only 20%. Parents were more concerned about these spots as these are easily seen by other people. They were consoled by Dr Shah and with patience and faith medicines were continued.

There was gradual improvement seen in spots over eyes. Meanwhile parents experienced some new spots coming over her hands while spots over eyes were getting cured. But with continued medicines they disappeared with the pace they had come up.

Recently parents visited on 11th April 2013 to tell that there was more than 95% recovery on eyes spots and these were not seen by naked eyes. There were no new spots anywhere on her body. Parents were too happy with the line of treatment given by Dr Shah, support given by associate doctors and Homeopathy.

Uploaded by Dr P.D. on 19 April 2013

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