Vitiligo on right side of face near lips, treatment with local steroids worsened the patch

This is the case of Master. A. J (Patient Ref. No. S-5128) a 5 years old male child who was brought to the clinic with complaints of vitiligo on the face for about 4 months.

The patch involved the right side of the face close to the lips. The patient had been treated with local steroids but this had worsened the patch, thus involving a larger area of the face later. His appetite was average and he had an intense craving for salted foods, sour and spicy foods, and eggs. He had aversion to sweets, milk, and chilled drinks.

He used to have constipation often wherein the stools would be hard and he would have to strain much to pass the stools.

He also had complaints of bed-wetting since childhood. He was the adopted child in the family which included the parents and two sisters.

He had been adopted since the parents had no male child. He was a lean, thin child with the habit of thumb-sucking.

A very mischievous child by nature; he was also very cheerful and affectionate. He had fear of being in darkness.

The details of his family history were not available since he was an adopted child. Based on this history, he was prescribed homeopathic medicines for the vitiligo.

He was put on a drug called Phosphorus which was prescribed in the 200th potency.

Within 6 months of the treatment, there was a significant improvement in the spots and there was a good amount of repigmentation.

His complaint of nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting) was completely cured within 6-7 months. His habit of thumb-sucking was also taken care of within just 3 months of starting the treatment.

Thus there was an overall improvement in all the systems after commencing homeopathic treatment.

He had to continue the treatment for some more time to achieve further repigmentation of the affected region.

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