Vitiligo Success Story: 100% Recovery on Lips, Elbows, and Thighs with Dr. Rajesh Shah

21 years old, graduating in commerce was surfing on the internet for a good doctor to treat his Vitiligo. Mr. J. M. C. was residing in Thane, Mumbai and visited Life Force on 18th June 2012. He was accompanied by his mother. His patient identification number is 19279. His mother was anxious and worried regarding his Vitiligo affecting the lips and elbows. He had first seen a spot 2 years ago on elbows. It had gradually spread on both the knees, elbows, upper lips and thigh. He had taken conventional medicines for a year initially which did not help in any recovery. The next 1.5 years he was taking ayurvedic oral and local application medicines which had healed the knee and left elbow spot. The right elbow spot had mildly responded. His mother then suggested him to seek a homeopathic specialist for his complaints. He was thoroughly examined by Dr. Shah.

He also had oily skin and mild acne on the face and upper back. He took conventional medicines for this and was better.

He also mentioned about recurrent oral ulcers since last 3 – 4 years. He would get it 2 – 3 times in a month. He did not take any medicines for this.

He was a vegetarian and had an average appetite.

He was staying with his parents, sister and paternal grandmother.

His father was a supervisor in a factory. His mother was a home maker. His sister was studying chartered accountancy. His paternal grandmother was keeping ill.

He liked helping people. He was conscientious for his studies and duties. He could not tolerate anyone betraying his trust.

He suffered from malaria when he was 13 years old.

In family history – his mother had been taking antidepressants since a long time. His maternal grandmother had expired due to cancer.

He had gained 15 kilograms of weight in a year by taking some protein supplement. He was advised to check his Thyroid levels.

He visited on 18th October for a follow up. The spot on the right elbow had mildly spread. The mild spot on upper lip was the same. His Thyroid levels were normal, checked in August 2012. The necessary changes were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 23rd January 2013 for his next follow up. The spot on the right elbow had turned dull and few repigmentation spots were seen. There were few mild fluctuating spots on the right forearm. The upper lip spot was better.

He visited on 15th April with further improvement in the right elbow spot. The spot had repigmented around 25%. The right forearm spots which were insignificant had completely recovered. The upper lip spot was also gradually recovering. His recurrent oral ulcers were improved by 75%. He did not get any ulcer in the past 2 months. Dr. Shah reviewed his case and upgraded his prescription.

He visited on 9th August with around 60% improvement in the spot on the right elbow. The upper lip spot was stable. His recurrent oral ulcers were further better. He was anxious regarding his upper lip spot which was not recovering as expected. It was one of the difficult areas to treat and require time and patience.

He visited on 26th November with around 90% repigmentation of the elbow spot. The upper lip spot was also getting better. His recurrent oral ulcers were almost cured. He was facing some stress in family as his parents were not getting along well.

He visited on 27th January 2014 with complete repigmentation of the elbow spot. The upper lip spot had also recovered significantly.

He was very thankful to Dr Shah.
The photo accompanying this case study demonstrates the improvement.
The treatment helps to re-pigment the white spot and also helped to cure the underlying disease. He no longer worries about Vitiligo.

However Dr Shah has advised him to avoid sour food for some more time.

Uploaded on 1 February 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.

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