Vitiligo Affected Kid Recovered In 8 Months With LifeForce Homeopathy Treatment

Mast. D.J (Patient identification number- 29156) visited Life Force on 2nd July 2016 with complaints of white spots on the right eye and on the chest that he was having since eight months. The condition was diagnosed as vitiligo. The dermatologist also informed him having calcium and iron deficiencies. The patient was already on homeopathic medicines for a few days without any significant relief. There was no history of any steroid treatment been taken. He also had complaints of pain in the anus while passing stool since a year. The pain was so severe that he used to cry while passing stools. It was accompanied by bleeding two to three times in a week. His parents mentioned that his stools were hard and it would need straining. He also complained of flatulence and low appetite. 

He craved for spicy food. His mother complained that he did not feel thirsty enough due to which he used to drink only two to three glasses in a day. Thermally, he was sensitive to hot weather.

Self and family set up

The child was living with his parents and grandparents. He had a sister who was two-years-old. His father and grandfather were involved in a family textile business and his mother was a housewife.

Physical makeup: He was a lean child having a fair complexion.

Family history

On inquiring about family history it was mentioned that the child’s father was suffering from eczema and fissure-in-ano, the mother had lichen planus, and paternal grandfather was suffering from eczema and hypertension. Paternal grandmother was on medications for an underactive thyroid.


After case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines for vitiligo and fissure-in-ano. He was also advised diet and regimen. He was instructed to get exposed to the early morning sun and to avoid sour food and seafood specifically for vitiligo recovery. AWood'ss lamp examination was also conducted in order to rule out any possible new patches coming up in near future.

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The patient visited the clinic on 3rd September 2016 with a significant change in the vitiligo patches. The spots on the right eye and chest had significantly faded. There were no new spots noticed. The fissure complaints were the same with no major change in the stool complaints.

Parents reported the second follow-up online on 24th October 2016. They mentioned that the vitiligo was about 50% better and there was no other new spread seen in other areas of the body. The fissure was also on the path of healing. The parents requested the same medicines which had resulted in a good improvement.

The patient reported to the clinic with his parents on 24th December 2016. There was a consistent improvement in relief from vitiligo and fissure. The spots were fading gradually. There was a significant reduction in pain while passing stools. There was no bleeding noticed in the due course and stools were regular. They also submitted reports (dated 03.09.2016) which were advised;

VIT B12: 604
VIT D3: 17.20 (insufficient)

Thyroid Profile

The parents were informed that the reports were normal except that there was vitamin D deficiency which was found. The supplements for the same were prescribed accordingly.

The patient visited the clinic on 7th April 2017. The parents happily mentioned that there were no visible spots seen now on the areas affected. A wood’s lamp examination was also performed in order to confirm the recovery. There was no illumination seen under the lamp anywhere on the body. The parents were informed about the same and were told that he was recovered completely. However, he was advised to continue with the medications in order to maintain the recovery, since vitiligo has a tendency to relapse. The fissure was also healed, and there was no episode of bleeding since he had started the treatment. Instructions about inclusion and exclusions of diet were given in regards to the fissure in ano.   


This case depicts that homeopathy is strongly effective for cases of vitiligo that are detected in an early stage, where the spots are small and on difficult areas of the body i.e. around the eyes as it was seen in the child. Cases which are not tampered with conventional medicines also respond in a better manner and at a fast pace with homeopathic medicines. The child also had a family history of many autoimmune diseases similar to vitiligo, in spite of which the child responded well. This proves that homeopathic medicines act indigenously and effectively well in children because of their sensitivity.

- Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor of Dr. Rajesh Shah

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