Viral load of Hep C reduced from 36000 to only 34 using homeopathic medicine

Mrs. N.M.P. (Patient Identification Number- 19096), aged 47 years residing in a small town of Gujarat, visited Life Force on 15th May 2012. She was diagnosed one month ago with Hepatitis C, genotype 3.

She presented with symptoms of weakness, fullness of abdomen, pedal edema (swelling on feet), decrease in appetite and constipation. She had been having these symptoms on and off since long. She had a history of blood transfusion 22 years ago, during an obstetric event, which seemed to be the possible source of infection in her case. Her viral load dated 20th March 2012 was 37967 iu/ml, her hemoglobin was low and her liver enzymes were on the higher side. She even showed signs of enlarged liver and cirrhosis of liver on USG. She had not started any conventional treatment for hepatitis c.

She was also a diagnosed case of oesophageal varices and hypothyroidism since 2 years. She was taking thyroid supplements and oesophageal binding was done 3 times till date. She was in favor of starting homeopathic medicines as she already had many complications and did not wanted to add more complications considering the side-effects of conventional medicines. Her treating doctor had suggested interferon injections, however she chose Homeopathy.

She was a non-vegetarian by diet and had liking for sour food. She was addicted to eating tobacco (gutkha) since 8 years. She had decreased thirst and she could not tolerate heat in any form. Her mother had asthma and hypertension.

She was a divorcee; she was divorced from her husband 8 years back. She was staying with her son aged 24 yrs. Her husband had left her and married another woman. Since then, she had become irritable and indifferent to everyone. She was depressed and desired to stay alone especially when she got ill.

After studying her case details and investigation reports in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicine for hepatitis c. She was also advised to stop gutkha.

After 5 months of treatment, patient reported on phone that she was feeling 30% better but was suffering from fever on and off. Her medicines were revised by Dr. Shah.

After the next 3 months, her son reported at Life Force that her diet and weakness had improved. She was still suffering from fever once in a month and there was still fullness of abdomen and swelling in both the legs. Some alterations were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah.

After another 5 months, patient's relative called up and reported to us that she was feeling 50% better. Her symptoms of weakness, fullness of abdomen and appetite had improved. Her viral load had now come down to 34000 iu/ml from 36000 iu/ml. She still had complaint of swelling in lower legs.

After 8 months, her son visited Life Force with her fresh reports. Her viral load report of 11th June 2013 indicated less than < 34 iu/ml (Negative for HCV RNA). Her liver enzymes were slightly elevated and hemoglobin was low. She is still under our treatment for management of her symptoms and to prevent further complications.

Homeopathy has the power to treat and manage chronic infections like Hepatitis C without any side-effects.

Homeopathic medicines help the body to fight against the disease and reduce the viral load.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Kruti on 07/05/2014)

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