​​​​​​​Triumph Over Synovitis  with Life Force Homeopathy.

Mr R.B., a 46-year-old resident of Assam, embarked on a remarkable healing journey with Life Force Homeopathy after seeking online treatment on 03.06.23  for Synovitis (PIN 31783). A pre-existing patient undergoing treatment for psoriasis with Life Force stumbled upon an unexpected challenge during one of his follow-up sessions.

The narrative unfolds with Mr R.B. expressing discomfort and pain in his left ankle persisting for a year. A  synovitis was seen in his MRI, revealing daily pain in the left ankle over the past six months. Synovitis is swelling in the synovial membrane that lines some of your joints.  very common in people who have arthritis. The situation led him to rely on conventional medications, including Tab Tofa 5 mg (tofacitinib) and Tab Folitrax 5 mg once a week for two months. The pain was so severe that it resulted in limping, and an added complication was a mild low-grade fever that persisted.


Investigations  :  

MRI left ankle(11.05.23)

Study reveals  collection with synovial thickening and enhancement involving tablo-tibial and talo calcaneal joints including the retro-calcaneal

bursa and inferior tibiofibular joints - suggestive of synovitis mild marrow edema is noted in the bones of the ankle joints at places.


Life Force Approach :

After a thorough study of Mr. R.B.'s case and considering his symptoms, medical history, and diagnostic findings, Life Force Homeopathy prescribed a tailored treatment plan. It's important to note that homeopathic prescriptions are individualized, focusing on the unique characteristics of the patient. The prescribed medications by Dr Rajesh Shah aimed to address the synovitis and associated symptoms.


Follow up :

2.8.23: mild pain over the left ankle, no swelling-stopped tab Tofa 5 mg.

29.09.23 better, no pain in, left ankle, no swelling taking tab sazo for 1 month as his Blood sugar level is high and anti-diabetic Rx is not suiting him, stopped tab folitrax, tab tofa).

30.11.2023: better, significant improvement in frequency and severity of complaints, no pain or swelling at present, the joint was warm to the touch now not warm stopped taking Tab Sazo ((tofacitinib)since 2 months.

02.02.24: 90 % better, no pain no swelling since 5 months,  no swelling in the left ankle.

The triumph over synovitis reached its pinnacle on February 2, 2024, when Mr. R.B. reported a staggering 90% improvement. Five months had passed since he last experienced pain or swelling in the left ankle. The journey with Life Force Homeopathy had not only alleviated his synovitis but had also brought him to a state of overall well-being.


Gradual Tapering of Conventional Medication:

Tab Tofa 5 mg (Tofacitinib) and Tab Folitrax 5 mg: These medications were gradually tapered and eventually discontinued as the patient showed improvement, with the last reported intake being on 30th November 2023.

The follow-up consultations, dietetic guidance and adjustments in the prescription demonstrate the dynamic nature of the treatment, which adapts to the changing symptoms and overall progress of the patient. The successful outcome, , reflects the effectiveness of the personalized homeopathic approach in managing synovitis and promoting long-term well-being. Mr. R.B.'s story stands as a testament to the efficacy of Life Force treatment in addressing complex conditions like synovitis, offering a holistic approach towards healing and restoring the quality of life.

This case study of synovitis was authored by Dr. Deepa Chandroth, an Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom).at Life Force.

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