Tiny Pills for Tiny Tots, Homeopathic Approaches to ADHD and Autism

Autism and ADHD are commonly co-occurring conditions in children, with ADHD being the most frequent comorbid disorder in those with ASD. Both ADHD and ASD are neurodevelopmental disorders. While adults can have both ADHD and ASD, this combination is more prevalent in children. Although ASD is considered a lifelong condition, long-term studies indicate that ADHD symptoms persist into adulthood in one-third to two-thirds of affected children. Effective treatment options, such as at Life Force Homeopathy, are available for managing these conditions in young children.


Ms S. P, a 5-year-old female child, visited the Life Force Homeopathy Thane branch on February 3, 2022 (Patient ID: 47321). She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in December 2021. Ms S. P presented with delayed speech, primarily expressing herself through gibberish and struggling to articulate her needs. She exhibited stubbornness, anger outbursts, self-involved behaviours such as self-talk, hyperactivity, and restlessness, which significantly affected her ability to concentrate and engage. Additionally, she faced challenges with social skills and peer interaction, showing difficulties in sustained engagement and communication.


Her mother reported a full-term pregnancy and normal delivery, with no maternal medication intake during pregnancy, and there was no consanguineous marriage. Ms S. P was fearless yet careful while walking or performing tasks. All her vaccinations were up to date, and her vision, touch, hearing, smell, and taste were normal.


A detailed case evaluation was conducted by an associate doctor, and Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case and prescribed medication. Additionally, certain blood investigations and dietary changes were suggested to her.



On 11th February 2022, Ms S.P showed initial improvement in speech clarity and a reduction in hyperactivity. However, stubbornness and self-talk persisted.

By 10th May 2022, significant progress in speech development was noted, characterized by clearer articulation and sentence formation. Moreover, behavioural issues, including reduced stubbornness and anger outbursts, showed further improvement.

Continuing the positive trend, on 3rd August 2022, Ms S.P demonstrated continued enhancement in speech clarity and behavioural issues. Additionally, there was a slight reduction observed in restlessness and hyperactivity, indicating on-going progress.

As of 26th October 2022, Ms S.P's speech clarity continued to improve, enabling her to express herself more effectively. Furthermore, behavioural concerns, such as stubbornness and self-involved behaviours, were further mitigated.

Finally, on 20th December 2022, Ms S.P's speech development exhibited significant advancement, with minimal slurring and improved comprehension.

Hyperactivity and restlessness were significantly reduced, allowing for better engagement in activities.

Initially, Ms SP exhibited stubbornness, anger outbursts, and self-involved behaviours, such as self-talk. With consistent treatment, these behavioural issues showed significant improvement, with reduced stubbornness, anger, and self-talk observed over time.

Ms SP's social skills and peer interaction initially presented challenges, characterized by difficulties in sustained engagement and communication.

As treatment progressed, she showed improvement in socialization, displaying a willingness to meet new people and engage with peers.

Treatment interventions led to a noticeable reduction in hyperactivity and restlessness, enabling her to sit for longer periods and engage more effectively in activities.

Occupational therapy: Initially initiated in January 2022 to address developmental delays and sensory processing issues, occupational therapy was gradually phased out as Ms SP showed significant improvement in her functional abilities.

Speech therapy: Although initially recommended, speech therapy was deemed unnecessary by the child's developmental specialist, as significant progress in speech development was achieved through homeopathic intervention alone.



Ms S.P's case highlights the effectiveness of Life Force Homeopathy in managing the intricate needs of individuals with ASD and co-occurring ADHD symptoms. By utilizing a holistic approach that prioritizes personalized treatment and comprehensive support, notable advancements were made in her speech, behaviour, and social interactions, significantly improving the quality of life for both the patient and her family. On-going follow-up assessments are essential to track progress and decide the treatment plans to the patient's changing requirements.

- Case study written by Dr Deepa Chandroth an associate doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah at Life Force Homeopathy.


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