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As women, we understand the importance of regular breast exams to catch any changes early for easier treatment. Two common breast issues are Fibroadenoma and fibrocystic diseases. Fibroadenoma are noncancerous tumor made of breast fibrous tissue. If a tumor grows, becomes immovable, or causes non-menstrual pain, it's a cause for concern. Early detection through routine exams helps ensure timely intervention and better outcomes.

This case study highlights successful homeopathic treatment for multiple breast cysts and Fibroadenoma, completely resolving the conditions within a span of less than two years.

In June 2020, Mrs V.S. (Patient identification number- 43262), a 47-year-old homemaker, consulted at Life Force for her chronic issue of Fibroadenoma in her left breast and a small cyst in the right breast. She experienced breast pain primarily during menstruation and upon pressure. Alongside these concerns, she also dealt with an underactive thyroid and eczema. To manage her underactive thyroid, she was taking a 100mcg thyroid supplement and conventional medications for eczema.

Physical generals:

In her physical details, no specific taste preferences were noted. Normal thirst, bowel movements, and urination were reported. Menstrual irregularities included heavy flow with pronounced breast pain during menstruation.

Mental generals:

Mentally, she experienced depression and sadness. Stress aroused from her relationship with her in-laws, and she was short-tempered, often expressing her intense anger through tears.


During her initial follow-up in August 2020, she noted no apparent changes in her condition. In response to this feedback, necessary changes were made in the prescription.

After a few months of medicines, she informed me that pain by pressure and tenderness was reduced by 50% and pain during menses was also reduced. She felt that the lump size of her right breast was reduced but due to COVID-19 fear, she hesitated to undergo any tests such as breast ultrasound or mammography. So she was advised to stay consistent with her medication and undergo regular breast check-ups.

In August 2021, she overcame her apprehensions and underwent a breast ultrasound. The report showed no tumors in the left breast but revealed multiple cysts in both breasts. Accordingly, the next batch of medicine was prescribed based on the report, and she continued taking Homeopathic medicines.

By February 2022, she reported significant improvement, experiencing no pain, discomfort, or abnormalities in her breast.


Delighted with the results, she was advised to prioritize mammography or ultrasound for a comprehensive evaluation.

In April 2022, the mammogram showed no significant abnormalities—no lumps or cysts.

With her condition fully covered, she was advised to discontinue the medicine. Although she opted to complete the remaining two months of the course with a maintenance dose, she is now cured and content with the positive outcomes achieved through homeopathy.


Homeopathic medicine, customized to individual symptoms, effectively resolved Fibroadenoma and breast cysts in this case. Notably, the treatment proved both safe and successful, showcasing the efficacy of homeopathy in addressing Fibroadenoma without resorting to surgery and without any side effects.


- Written by Dr Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)


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