Stubborn Acne Vanished With Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

Acne is a very commonly encountered skin condition that mostly begins during puberty, as the hormone levels in the body fluctuate. For some lucky people, the condition settles down in a few months to a couple of years, and, in some people, it can continue further to adulthood. Repeated acne and its scars can profoundly affect the confidence of the patient who suffers from acne. Let’s have a look at how Life Force’s homeopathy helped a patient to recover from acne naturally, incredibly, and safely.


Case Study:

A 29-year-old lady, Miss. R. N. (PIN: 44328) approached Life Force in December 2020 to treat her acne. She had taken the conventional treatment for acne before approaching us, and her acne persisted despite taking conventional treatments on and off. For Miss. R. N., besides the hormonal fluctuations, she also had some polycystic changes in her ovaries which were acting as a maintaining cause for her acne.


Since her puberty, she has been getting acne on her cheeks, jawline, back, and chest. Her acne eruptions were itchy and painful, took a long time to heal, and left marks when they healed.


She had taken conventional treatments like Isotretinoin in the past for her acne complaints and was tired of taking it on and off since the acne refused to go away completely. They returned as soon as she stopped taking the medicines.


During the consultation, the associate doctor at Life Force took her detailed case history.


Physical Generals:

She mentioned that she was a non-vegetarian and preferred spicy food. She did not have much liking for sweets. She drank an adequate quantity of water daily and had satisfactory motions. She preferred moderate heat and cold temperatures. Her menses were regular, with a cycle of 30-35 days. The flow was moderate.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

Miss. R. N. was a single child to her parents. Her childhood was good, and her parents supported her well and pampered her too. She did not have any stress on her family front. Her father is now retired, and her mother has always been a homemaker. Her father had diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and epilepsy, whereas her mother suffered from Asthma.


As a person, Miss. R.N. was outgoing and easily mingled with others. She would not share her problems with anyone. Also, when angry, she was unable to express her anger. She was mild, polite, and precise in her behavior and speech. At the time of starting the treatment, she was working with a multinational company as an accountant. 


Medical History:

On the physical level, Miss. R. N. did not have any other major health issues. She just had chickenpox once in her childhood.


At Life Force:

Based on the shared details, Dr. Shah prescribed her Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla 30 along with his research-based medicines for acne. The associate doctor gave her tips on how to take care of her diet, skin, and stress.

Besides medicines, skincare and diet also play an important role in managing acne.




Miss. R. N. reported a very good improvement every passing month with the homeopathic treatment.

At her first follow-up on 19th January 2021, she reported a 30% overall improvement in her relief from the complaints of her acne.


At her second follow-up on 24th February 2021, she experienced a 50% improvement. She noticed that the frequency of getting new acne and the duration it took for healing had reduced considerably. However, there was no effect on the pigmentated marks.


At the third follow-up given on 2nd April 2021, she noticed that, besides acne being in control, the acne marks also had lightened up. She was able to maintain this improvement till August 2021, when she experienced a fever and took antibiotics for the same.


During the fourth follow-up on 13th September 2021, she complained of getting new eruptions on the jawline after having antibiotics for her fever. At this point, Dr. Shah revised her prescription.


In the subsequent and last follow-up on 20th November 2021, she mentioned that she just got a couple of acne marks on her face just before her menses, and they get reduced in 2-3 days.


Miss. R. N. then discontinued the treatment because she no longer found the acne bothersome or the need to take the treatment and was able to manage them efficiently with the diet and skin care.



This case highlights that:

1. Homeopathy can efficiently manage chronic acne cases

2. There can be fluctuations in acne due to changes in the hormones and the things that can affect and temporarily alter the immunity in the person.


Homeopathy promotes complete recovery from chronic acne gently, incredibly, and safely without any side effects.


Written by Dr. Yafta, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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