Steroid-Dependent Chronic Urticaria Treated Successfully Achieving Phenomenal Relief with Homeopathy

Urticaria is a kind of skin rash. It may result from an allergy, triggers such as adrenalin, an underlying health condition, or other factors. It affects about 20% of people at some time during their lives. Scratching, alcoholic beverages, exercise, and emotional stress may worsen the itching. Chronic urticaria may also lead to angioedema, which is a deeper swelling of tissues.

A 48-year-old patient (PIN: 45721) visited the Aundh branch of Life Force of Pune on 5th July 2021 for the treatment of his urticaria, which he has been suffering from since 2018. The urticarial eruptions used to appear anywhere on the body.


Chief Complaints:

He presented with complaints such as swelling on the forehead had started and gradually appeared in the whole body. Rash used to start appearing as small dots in the palms and then goes on increasing in size. A red tinge present was on the rashes. Itching in the severe eruptions was present. Eruptions were erythematous papular type, mainly occurring as multiple small dots. Occasional angioedema used to cause mild swelling on the lips once in 5-6 days. The swelling around the eyes was often noticed,


The Patient Was Undergoing Medications as follows:

1. Tab. Medrol 8mg (Methylprednisolone): 1 tab BD since April 2018 - 2020

2. Tab. Dexona 0.5mg (Dexamethasone):1 tab BD.

3. Tab. Montair FX (Montelukast 10 mg + fexofenadine 120 mg): 1 tab BD

4. Topical Oint. Betnovate (betamethasone): 0.1 %.

5. Vitamin D supplement in the year 2018.

Medrol 4mg for more than 3 weeks

 -Frequency of episode: Daily evening.

- Duration of episodes: 1-2 hours

- Severity of episodes: Severe


Associated Disease

The patient was diagnosed with gallstones in 2017 and was asymptomatic.


Psychological Make-Up:

The patient was anxious, and sad, and used to experience dreams of writing exams but not being able to complete them on time and tumbling down the staircase.


Family History:

There was auto-immune disease in the family.       

The patient’s father had diabetes mellitus and had expired due to IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). His mother had Bronchitis. The patient’s grandfather also had diabetic mellitus.

At Life Force Homeopathy, a detailed case-taking was done. Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed medication after studying the case in detail. The blood investigation was done and certain dietic changes were recommended to the patient.



At the follow-up on 21st August 2021, the patient was overall 30% better. The rashes had increased after an initial 3 weeks of improvement. Earlier improvement seemed to be 40%. Daily evening, small red patches had initially reduced but were always present.

At the follow-up on 16th November 2021, the patient was better for the last 10 days. The intensity and size of the patches and itching had increased. The eruptions used to develop once a week, aggravate for a day, would stay for a week, and, then, clear up. They used to appear at different locations. The disease condition had been triggered due to the change of place as he had gone to his hometown.

At the follow-up on the 30th of December 2021, the patient’s relief was better in terms of severity. The steroid dosage was reduced to once in 4 days. The lesions were severe only once. Now, they were more stable. The patient had no episodes of the skin condition.

At the follow-up on 18th February 2022, the patient was better in terms of intensity and frequency and was now taking the tablet Medrol once a week only. 3 episodes had occurred on 11th January 2022, 30th January 2022, and 12th February 2022.

At the follow-up on 22nd May 2022, the patient had no episodes of urticaria. Only small spots resolving in a day were present. Tab Medrol was further delayed to 12 -14 days and Tab Montair-FX was continued.

At the follow-up on 6th August 2022, the patient was 90% better. One mild episode had occurred affecting below the eyes and bilateral Temporal region for a day. The patient had taken only Tab Montair and stopped Tab Medrol.

At the follow-up on 3rd November 2022, the patient was better and stable. No episodes had occurred. Serum IgE was reduced.



Normal values








150-300 UI/ml





This case shows that Homeopathy at Life Force treats steroid-dependent, chronic urticaria by reducing the doses of steroids without recurrence, gently, and safely with no side effects.

  • Written by Dr. Deepa. Chandroth, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom).


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