Steroid dependency in Oral Lichen planus and Homeopathic healing

Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) is an autoimmune condition characterized by white, lacy lesions on the oral mucosa, affecting areas such as the cheeks, gums, tongue, inner tissues of the lips, and palate. Symptoms include burning pain, sensitivity to hot and spicy foods, bleeding and inflammation of the gums, and difficulty in talking, chewing, or swallowing. The immune system mistakenly attacks the oral mucosa, leading to these manifestations.


Case study:

A 52-year-old woman with the  (Patient identification number:50979) visited the Life Force Jayanagar Branch on March 16, 2023, complaining of oral lichen planus, a condition she had been experiencing for six months. Her main symptoms included white lacy lesions on the inside of her cheeks and gums, accompanied by a rough sensation. She also suffered from severe burning pain, particularly when consuming spicy foods, with the pain often extending to her ears. Additionally, she had difficulty eating spicy and warm foods. She had been relying on steroid creams for relief, experiencing temporary improvement while using them, but the symptoms would recur once she stopped.

We took note of her past health issues and treatments in detail, as well as her family's health history. A detailed case-taking was done considering both her mental and physical generals.


Physical generals:

She had a normal appetite and liked spicy foods. She felt very thirsty and drank 3-4 liters of water every day. She sweated normally and didn't handle extreme temperatures well. Her digestion and urination were normal. However, she had trouble sleeping and preferred to lie on her side.


Mental generals:

Her mental state was assessed and recorded. She was found to be sensitive and easily hurt, often crying easily. Despite being sensitive, she preferred not to show her emotions or rely on others. She enjoyed cooking but felt anxious about illness, particularly fearing cancer.

Her intellectual abilities, including memory, logic, intelligence, perception, and analysis, were noted to be good.

A physical examination was conducted, including measurements of weight and blood pressure, which were updated in her file.

After reviewing the entire case history, Dr. Shah prescribed medications and also the details of diet to be followed were instructed.



The first follow-up, conducted on May 23, 2023, showed a 50% improvement in the patient's condition. Remarkably, within just one week of starting treatment at Life Force, the patient completely stopped taking steroids without experiencing severe symptom flare-ups.

During the second follow-up on July 19, 2023, the patient remained stable, although there were occasional mild flare-ups. Notably, the patient continued to refrain from using steroids, which was a significant relief. Subsequent follow-ups showed further improvement, with the patient's overall condition reaching 70% improvement by March 3, 2024.

The patient expressed great satisfaction with the treatment outcome, being pleased that she no longer relied on steroids. She expressed gratitude to Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force team for the excellent results achieved.



In conclusion, homeopathy provides excellent treatment for lichen planus by enhancing the body's immunity and addressing the root cause of the disease. This approach ensures long-lasting relief and permanent solutions, particularly for autoimmune conditions like lichen planus. Homeopathy is known for its safety and effectiveness, without any harmful side effects, making it a trusted option for patients seeking holistic healing.

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