Speedy Recovery from Warts with Life Force Homeopathy

Mr N.B.N, a 30-year-old senior research associate at Acutest from Thane, visited the clinic on 10.08.2012 for wart treatment. His patient identification number is 19627.


Mr N.B.N reported a long-standing issue with warts that had persisted for approximately 10-12 years. The warts were primarily located on his right elbow, where he had undergone cauterization treatment about a year prior. Additionally, he had developed warts on his hands over the past 1-2 years, with a noticeable increase in number over the last 4-5 months. There were multiple warts on hands particularly on his fingers.


Mr N.B.N previously underwent treatment with salicylic acid application for 1-2 months, which he discontinued five months before his visit to Life Force Homeopathy. He also had cauterization performed on the warts on his right elbow one year prior to seeking homeopathic treatment.


Physical Generals:

Mr N.B.N has an average appetite with an aversion to spicy food and a craving for sweets. He is hot-tempered, with a notable symptom of profuse perspiration on his body. He has a history of tobacco and alcohol consumption, both of which he ceased one year ago.


Psychological Profile:

Mr N.B.N is straightforward and tends to express his thoughts openly. He has a carefree attitude, preferring to confront situations directly without excessive worry. He enjoys his work and has a positive outlook, showing a preference for innovative tasks. Socially adept, he enjoys the company of others and easily connects with people.


Family History:

Mr N.B.N's mother had allergic rhinitis and melasma.

After a detailed case assessment Dr.Shah prescribed his research based medicines. The treatment aimed to address the underlying causes of the warts, considering his physical and psychological profile.



At the first follow-up session, approximately 1.5 months after initiating homeopathic treatment, significant improvement was noted. The warts had visibly reduced in size and number, with some areas completely cleared.



This case study illustrates the successful management of warts at Life Force Homeopathy, showcasing the potential of alternative medicine in providing effective and holistic solutions to chronic conditions. Mr N.B.N's experience at Life Force Homeopathy underscores the importance of personalized treatment approaches in achieving favourable outcomes in patient care.



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