Soothing Quick Relief from Recurrent Episodes of Allergic Bronchitis Found With Homeopathy at Life Force

Allergic bronchitis occurs due to the inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs resulting due to an allergic reaction.

It is estimated that every year, 5% of the general population reports an episode of acute bronchitis.

A 29-year-old female patient, Miss. P. S. (PIN: 45720) working in a bank visited the Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 5th July 2021 for the treatment of her complaints of recurrent episodes of allergic bronchitis, which she was suffering from since 2019.


Chief Complaints:

The prominent complaints of the patient were:

  1. Cough spasmodic, continuously for 10-15 minutes, cough with white expectoration
  2. Frequency of episodes once in 3-4 days.
  3. Chest pain and cough that gets triggered by dust, red chill seasoning
  4. Mild breathlessness.
  5. Pricking sensation in the right ear.
  6. Pain in the throat, with a sensation of something stuck in the throat. 
  7. Dribbling of urine while coughing.
  8. Cough, relief from which gets better by having lukewarm water

Investigation X-Ray chest on 16th October 2019 showed

  1. Vascular congestion,
  2. Bilateral hilar prominence noted.


Associated Complaints:

Her associated complaints were:

  1. Underactive Thyroid since Feb 2016, which was controlled with Tab. Thyroxine 12.5mcg 1 tab once a day.
  2. Sinusitis since 2017 with pain around the cheeks and sneezing 10-12 bouts continuously.
  3. Weakness since 2016. Leg pains from Hips to Ankle, Inability to sit longer without support, and if would sit for 10-15 minutes, she would get backache & pain in the shoulder


Drug Dependency:

  1. Other Homoeopathic Medicines since Nov 2019.
  2. Allopathic Medication but no relief.


Family History:

The patient’s father had Sinusitis and paralysis, and her uncle had a Thyroid disorder.


At Life Force Homoeopathy:


A detailed case-taking was done. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case thoroughly and prescribed medicines to the patient. Also, he recommended diet correction. A blood investigation was done.



On 21st September 2021, the patient was 25% better but had an episode of cough and breathlessness on 4th September 2021 and one episode in the previous week at 10:30 pm due to traveling to Delhi from Mumbai. The episode lasted for 15-20 minutes and was accompanied by a cough with involuntary urination,

At the follow-up on 29th October 2021, the patient was 50% better. Her relief was a lot better with frequency reduced to once in 15 days and intensity of breathlessness reduced remarkably. Also, her relief from the pain in her legs improved.

At the follow-up on 23rd November 2021, her relief was 60-70% better in terms of frequency. Episodes affected her merely once a month. The throat pain had reduced, and she had no pricking sensation in the right ear.

At the follow-up on 2nd May 2022, the patient was better by 95%. She had no major episode since 7 months; she had merely 1 episode of mild breathlessness that was stable with lukewarm water in 1-2 minutes. She had no pain in the legs and no weakness. There was no passage of involuntary urine while coughing.



This case highlights that Homeopathy at Life Force offers quick relief from recurrent episodes of Allergic bronchitis remarkably and safely with no side effects. Also, it does not cause drug dependency, and the homeopath advises stopping treatment after some days if there is no recurrence of episodes.


  • Written by Dr. Deepa. Chandroth, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom).

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