Remarkable improvement in a 50 yr old with Erectile dysfunction with Peyronie disease

A 50 yr old male (PIN: 51193) approached us in the month of April 2023 for his complaints of erectile dysfunction with Peyronie's disease, which all started around a year ago, within 10-15 days post covid 

Peyronie's disease is the buildup of fibrous scar tissue in the penis, causing curvature to the penis. In the patient's case, it was tilted towards the right side, which added discomfort and pain during intercourse act.

He had complaints of delayed erection, inability to hold an erection, and delayed ejaculation, with pain during intercourse. He mentioned his libido had reduced and was having work-related stress. Though his wife was understanding and supportive, intercourse was largely unsatisfactory for both.

He was totally dependent on Tablet Duraplus which helps to increase blood flow to the penis in order to get an erection.

The patient had a known case of Hypertension, which was stable with conventional medicines.

He is working as CA for a private firm, a job he likes but due to recent new employees, his responsibilities have increased so was under constant stress at the workplace. On the family front, it is close-knit and he is very attached to them.

The patient takes regular homemade meals, follows a healthy lifestyle, and daily exercises and is mildly overweight.

His investigations revealed early peyronies disease and the rest of the investigations came within normal limits.

He was advised of some dietary changes and other measures to reduce stress.

Dr. Shah prescribed Homeopathic medicines for the patient based on his case details. 


Follow up:

Within 3- 4 weeks of starting our medicines, they experienced relief in pain, further erection had improved such that the act was satisfactory, all without taking Tablet Duraplus

In the next follow-up within 4 months of starting our treatment, the patient’s complaints had further improved. The main concern was an inability to hold an erection for an adequate time. Dr Shah again prescribed him homeopathic medicines according to these changes.

During the period of further 6 to 8 months of treatment, the patient had achieved about 80 to 90% improvement in his complaints. Libido had improved as well as further improvement in erection and ejaculation. Peyronie still causes very mild discomfort but does not affect intercourse.

The patient's wife, being a conventional MD Dr at a well-known hospital in Mumbai, was amazed by this improvement, and she has also started her treatment for her chronic migraine with complete faith in our treatment.

This case shows the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines especially administered by an expert homeopath and sexologist Dr Shah, who has vast experience in such chronic and difficult cases. In this case, Dr Shah's researched-based homeopathic medicines not only improved the erection, and ejaculation but also helped improve libido, and stopped the pain due to peyronies, making the act satisfactory and pleasant to the couple. Also, though the complaints were chronic and with associated structural pathology, homeopathic medicines showed improvement within a very short period, unlike the myth of long-term treatment needed for every chronic case. The patient has never been required to take any other conventional medicines within 3-4 weeks of starting our medicines.


- Dr Varsha H, Associated Dr to Dr Rajesh Shah


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