Pyelonephritis Treatment at Life Force: No Antibiotics, No Hospital Stay

In the busy city of Thane, in the middle of the noise, a success story quietly unfolded at the Life Force Homeopathy clinic. Mrs S.S., a 45-year-old woman (Patient identification number- 50537) with a history of frequent urinary infections, found herself dealing with the challenges of pyelonephritis, leading her to seek assistance at Life Force.

Pyelonephritis, kidney inflammation from a specific urinary tract infection, stems from gram-negative bacteria, predominantly Escherichia coli. Symptoms include painful urination, back and groin pain, chills, and high fever. Prompt antibiotic treatment, often necessitating hospitalization, is crucial to prevent permanent kidney damage.

Mrs S.S. was suffering from chronic pyelonephritis for almost a decade. Experiencing frequent, painful urination, back and groin pain, chills, and a high fever, she was hospitalized. Due to the severity, DJ stenting in her left renal was necessary, adding complexity to her health issues.

On February 3, 2023, during her visit to Life Force, Mrs S.S. shared a history of recurrent urinary infections post-menstrual cycles. While occurrences were once every three years over a decade, recent episodes in December and February brought high-grade fevers (101 to 103 degrees) with chills. Interestingly, she reported no frequent urination or pain during urination.



1)CT -abdomen & pelvis(plain & contrast)(28.02.23):

- Impression:

-K/C/O Left renal pyelonephritis with DJ stent in situ ,bulk Lt kidney with poor nephrogram and patchy poor enhancing hypodense areas predominately at the upper pole with a small hypodense subcapsular/cortical collection and surrounding inflammatory changes in keeping with pyelonephritis and small abscess formation

- Mild hepatomegaly

-Mild left pleural effusion with posterior dependent atelectasis in basal segments of left lower lobe


2) USG OF URINARY TRACT(08.03.23):

- Impression:

-k/c/o left pyelonephritis residual urothelial -thickening and fullness noted in left PC system

-Focal parenchymal hypoechoic area at the upper pole of left kidney-? focal nephritis/? abscess.


3)USG abdomen& pelvis(15.04.23):

- Hepato splenomegaly

- Uterine fibroid

- Left DJ stent

- Gall blader polyp/soft calculi


4) Creative protein (07.03.23):1.5(H)mg/dl

Dr. Shah thoroughly studied her case, carefully reviewed all reports, and prescribed medication based on a detailed understanding of the case details. Dietary guidelines were also provided according to the specific needs of the case.

Taking into account her case history, Dr. Shah prescribed Aurum muriaticum-30



Subsequent assessments had revealed noticeable progress. By April 25, 2023, Mrs S.S. had exhibited improvement, despite a brief episode of fever following stent removal. Her haemoglobin levels had risen to 9.6. Follow-ups on June 11, July 28, and September 6 had consistently indicated sustained improvement with no reported complaints.

As of November 5, 2023, Mrs S.S. had continued to undergo steady improvement. While her haemoglobin levels had declined, her proactive approach had led her to consult a haematologist for injections and B12 supplements during her menstrual cycle, where a noteworthy 7-day period of heavy flow had been observed.

She continued using homeopathic medicines for a few additional weeks as maintenance doses to prevent potential recurrences in the future.



Mrs S.S.'s struggle with recurring pyelonephritis discovered a way to healing with the complete care from Life Force Homeopathy. Dr. Rajesh Shah's personal approach, using correct homeopathic medicines, dietary changes, and regular check-ups, played a key role in her successful care. This case shows the power of homeopathy in managing complex health issues, highlighting the teamwork led by Dr. Rajesh Shah.


- Written by Dr. Deepa Chandroth, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom),












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