Phenomenal 90% Relief From 21 Years of Chronic Anxiety Found In 2 Years With  Homeopathy

Anxiety is intense and persistent worry and fear over anticipated events. There are different types of anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobias.

Causes for anxiety can be genetics, brain biology and chemistry, stress, and living environment.

People with any past traumatic events, a family history of anxiety or any other mental disorders, physical conditions, such as thyroid or arrhythmia, and those who are very shy or nervous in a new situation or meeting new people are more prone to anxiety disorder.


The common symptoms of anxiety disorders include anxious thoughts or beliefs that are very hard to control, physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, body pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and indifference to daily work or activities.



Case Study

A 50-year-old patient (PIN: 40180) approached Life Force Homeopathy on 17th May 2019 for getting treated for an anxiety issue that he was suffering from for 21 years.

His main presenting symptoms were increased anxiety and fear, particularly while traveling in closed spaces (such as flights, A/C trains, and buses). The patient also had a great fear of the crowd, particularly while standing in a crowded place, driving in heavy traffic, etc. The patient feared that he might get trapped and may not be able to escape if he suffers from an accident or stampede. Other symptoms that bothered him severe palpitations, dry mouth, and light-headedness during anxiety attacks.


The patient also had severe anticipation, particularly when he planned a trip because of his fear and anxiety. At times, the patient feared that he might die soon. Because of his anxiety issues, he couldn’t concentrate on anything.

His symptoms were mostly triggered by anxiety-provoking situations such as traveling, crowds, etc.


Self and Family’s Medical History:


His history of ailments was asked about and updated. His family history was also asked to rule out a family history of anxiety and depression.

His treatment history was also asked about and updated for future reference.

Details of allopathic medicines (anti-depressants) that the patient had taken were also asked about and updated for reference.


Physical and Mental Generals:

A detailed case history was taken considering both his mental and physical generals.

The patient had a very average appetite and was a pure vegetarian. He liked eating fruits and vegetables, however, he didn’t like sweets and spicy food. He had an average thirst and drank about 2-3 liters of water daily. His bowel was satisfactory and had no urinary symptoms. He had average perspiration and used to perspire more on his scalp. The patient couldn’t bear extremely hot weather.


The patient often had a disturbed sleep with repeated thoughts at night. On certain days, he was not getting sleep at all.

The patient often used to get fearful and weird dreams, such as being chased by an elephant, getting stuck in a closed space, standing in the brim of a tall building, mountain, etc.


Psychological Make-Up:

The patient was always fearful and anxious. Due to the constant anxiety and fear, the patient was unable to travel to other countries for a job which made him feel low esteemed. The patient also had a disappointment that despite his good qualification, he couldn’t make a good life. Often, he tried to suppress his emotions, particularly his anger; and never shared his worries and tensions with others.


The patient had a fear of impending diseases such as heart attacks and brain tumors.


At Life Force:


Dr. Shah prescribed medicines to the patient after going through the entire case history and analyzing his condition





When the first follow-up was done in July 2019, the patient was not experiencing any noticeable improvement in his condition.


By August 2019, the patient could stop his antidepressants and was 10% better. Also, he was happy that he didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms even after stopping allopathic medicines.


By December 2019, the patient was 50% better in his relief from the complaints. The only concern was that he was not getting a sound sleep and also his anxiety was getting triggered by anxiety-provoking situations.


The patient however started noticing further improvement during the treatment. 


By May 2021, the patient was 90% better in his relief from all anxiety symptoms.


The patient was very happy and thankful to Dr. Shah and the entire team for the wonderful results that he had got. The patient was very happy that he was no longer dependent on any harmful antidepressants.




This case illustrates that homeopathy works amazingly on anxiety disorders by working on the root cause of the disease and understanding the patient’s mindset, and genetic tendencies. Homeopathic medicines are safe and non-habit-forming. Homeopathic medicines can reduce or stop the need for conventional anti-anxiety or anti-depression medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah





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