Phenomenal 100% Recovery from Chronic Migraine Found with Homeopathy

A 31-year-old male from Bangalore, Mr. A. S. (PIN: 47336) approached the Life Force clinic on 6th February 2022 for treatment for his complaint of migraines that were bothering him for the last 12 years. It was progressing now for three years. 


In the last year, he got headaches three to four times a week. Each episode lasted for almost a full day, beginning in the morning with a right-sided headache that spreads across his entire head and would get intensified in the forehead. He would have throbbing, pulsating pain and enhanced sensitivity to light and loud noise during an attack of a migraine. Due to lack of sleep and sun exposure, this headache would get worse. After resting, it used to decrease. Nausea and vomiting were present during severe episodes. He used to take allopathic medicines like T. Migarid (flunarizine) as and when needed during severe episodes & T. paracetamol as and when needed during milder episodes. He didn't mention any family history of a migraine.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian, who craved spicy foods. His thirst was average. He used to experience a profuse perspiration all over his body which seems generalized. He was ambi-thermal. He slept well. He had no issues concerned with urination. As far as his bowel movements were concerned, it seems he was experiencing constipation, as his stools were hard and needed to strain. He had no issues related to sleep disturbances.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:


He was working in Amazon India. His wife was a homemaker, and his father and mother lived in his native place. He was a mild, gentle, and happy-go-lucky person, but he was polite, precise, and expressive. He was affectionate to people and irritable when angry. He used to be disappointed when sad and in grief.


Self and Family Medical History:


He has issues of sinusitis in the past which got cured. Now, he was having mild episodes of Gastritis which he was managing without any medication. His father & mother had Diabetes and hypertension.


Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Natrum Mur and his research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient for a migraine.





In his first follow-up after 2 months of medication, on 30th March 2022, the patient informed us that his frequency of episodes of migraine had reduced and was overall slightly better.


On 22nd May 2022, he reported on the call that his migraine had reduced in frequency and intensity. He had suffered only 1-2 mild episodes in the last 2-3 months. No other severe episodes occurred. The patient had taken a painkiller tab once in the last 2 months.


On 2nd August 2022, the patient reported a 60% improvement in his relief from the complaints. The severity of his pain had lessened. He experienced episodes only twice a month with lesser intensity. His episodes used to get triggered by heat, cold, and sleep deprivation.


On 28th September 2022, his relief from the complaints has been overall better by 75% with no severe episodes. He had merely a mild episode in the last month. The patient had taken a painkiller tab once only.


On 30th November 2022, the patient reported that was feeling much better, but starting to get very mild headaches again, particularly due to an increase in the cold. He would experience heaviness in the head and blocking in the nose to a certain extent due to the cold climate. However, he did not need any painkiller tabs this time.


After one year of treatment, the patient had no issues with migraine now and stopped treatment. He was very happy and conveyed all his thanks to Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force Homeopathy team.





This instance demonstrates how effectively homeopathy treats migraine cases effectively and safely without any side effects. Numerous patients have found significant relief from the incapacitating headaches of a migraine. Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment for relief from migraines. Serious or chronic disorders that have lasted for many years take a little longer to treat. Patients who begin homeopathic treatment early in the course of the illness may benefit more since they can see long-term effects in a remarkably short amount of time. 



  • Written by Dr. Vinay Ram C, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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