Pet Allergies No More, Homeopathic Relief for Pet-Induced Allergic Bronchitis

This case study centres on Mrs S.S (PIN-52380), a 32-year-old woman who visited for the treatment for allergic bronchitis triggered by exposure to a new pet and moving to a new house. Her journey to recovery led her to Life Force Homeopathy in Malleswaram, Bangalore. Over a period of 8-10 months, personalized homeopathic treatment gradually alleviated her symptoms.


Mrs S.S presented with symptoms of allergic bronchitis shortly after acquiring a new pet and moving to a new home. She experienced persistent dry coughing and throat irritation, particularly worsened by exposure to pet dander and dust. These symptoms significantly impacted her daily life, prompting her to explore alternative treatment options.


Seeking a holistic approach, Mrs S.S visited Life Force Homeopathy clinic in Malleswaram, Bangalore. Upon assessment Dr.Shah decided the treatment plan addressing her specific symptoms, triggers, and overall health profile.


The treatment regimen involved administering homeopathic remedies known for effectively managing allergic bronchitis. These remedies were selected based on the principle of 'like cures like', aiming to stimulate the body's innate healing mechanisms.



During the initial stages of treatment, Ms S.S noticed gradual but significant improvements in her symptoms. The frequency and intensity of her coughing episodes decreased, and she experienced improved respiratory function, particularly in environments with pet allergens.


As treatment progressed, after 4 months, Ms S.S showed notable improvement, with her symptoms alleviating by 60-70%. She experienced only 2-3 mild cough episodes lasting 3-5 minutes, primarily triggered by exposure to dust and strong pet dander.


Over the course of 8-10 months, as treatment continued, Ms S.S's symptoms continued to diminish. Consequently, her overall quality of life improved significantly, allowing her to engage in activities without the constant burden of allergic reactions.


By the conclusion of the treatment period, Ms S.S experienced remarkable relief from symptoms of allergic bronchitis, demonstrating the effectiveness of homeopathy in addressing her condition.



The case study underscores the effective management of allergic bronchitis in a 32-year-old woman through personalized homeopathic treatment at Life Force Homeopathy. By targeting the root causes and reinstating equilibrium to the body's inherent healing processes, homeopathy offered a lasting solution for the patient's respiratory issues.


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