Opting for surgery for Fissure-in-ano? Try Homeopathy for better recovery!

Mrs R.C, a 45-year-old with the Patient identification number- 34567. Back in 2018, we successfully treated her for sinusitis and Urticaria with Life Force Homeopathy. In August 2022, she returned, troubled by a fissure-in-ano. Despite the surgeon urging immediate surgery, her trust in homeopathy led her to seek consultation and treatment. This decision not only reflected her past positive experience but also showcased the potential of homeopathy in offering relief and avoiding surgery for those in pain.


The patient had been suffering from prolonged constipation, which initially began with the introduction of the antihypertensive medication Tablet.Triolmesar. The chief complaints included an anal fissure persisting for 5-6 months, characterized by a small crack above the anus and a protruding lump. The pain, described as feeling like being poked by broken glass, lingered for 4-5 hours after bowel movements. The lump protruded during passing stools and improved after the pain subsided. The patient also reported itching near the anus. Symptoms worsened following episodes of constipation, leading to incomplete evacuation. Relief was found through the application of Anovate (a local anaesthetic cream) and Sitz baths (warm water sitting).


After a thorough case history review, the case was assigned to Dr. Shah for prescription. The patient received instructions and advice regarding the exercises and diet to be followed throughout the medication course. Dietary guidelines were also provided to the patient. It was stressed that adhering to a proper diet and exercise regimen, in addition to taking the prescribed medicines, was crucial for the early recovery of the fissure-in-ano.



In October, our associate doctor took the first follow-up call with the patient. During this interaction, the patient conveyed positive feedback, reporting satisfactory bowel movements, reduced pain, and the complete cessation of itching in the affected region. In that particular month, the patient adhered to a prescribed regimen of antibiotics and Cremagel for duration of five days.


Following a gap of five months, during which the patient resided in Canada with her son, she informed she shall take the medicines once she back in India. By the end of April 2023, the patient provided feedback indicating a 50% improvement in her condition. Notably, the incidence of hard stools had decreased, although she experienced blood in her stools due to their firm consistency. Additionally, she had discontinued all ointments and allopathic medications.


Upon returning to India in May 2023, the patient's well-being had progressed to approximately 75% improvement. The intensity of her complaints had notably reduced, with bleeding occurring only during the passage of hard stools.


In the most recent follow-up, the patient expressed an overall betterment in her condition, reaching a stable state with no daily complaints. It was observed that her symptoms exacerbated only following alterations in routine, diet, or lifestyle.



Mrs R.C's success with homeopathy for fissure-in-ano highlighted its effectiveness, even when surgery was strongly advised. This emphasizes homeopathy's potential in cases where surgeons recommended operative procedures, demonstrating its valuable role in providing relief and avoiding invasive measures.







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