No More Straining: Toddler Finds Lasting Relief from Constipation with Homeopathy

A 2-year-old boy, referred to as Master A.S (Patient identification number: 53104), visited the Life Force Homeopathy Aundh clinic on November 28, 2023, seeking treatment for constipation, a condition he had since birth. He experienced difficulty passing dry, hard stools and strained during bowel movements, occurring approximately every 1.5 days. His parents had been administering laxatives for about a month, which provided some relief. However, they were concerned about the long-term dependency on laxatives and hoped for a solution that would address the underlying issue without relying on them.

A detailed case history was gathered regarding the child's daily routine and habits. He maintains a mixed diet with an average appetite, showed a preference for salty, spicy, eggs, and non-vegetarian foods. He currently consumes mashed foods exclusively, with the transition to solid foods pending. Unlike most children, he does not favor sweets. His mother ensures he maintains adequate hydration. He is quite active and perspires moderately, though he is uncomfortable in hot temperatures. Physically, he exhibits an average physique for his age and enjoys sound sleep.

The child was delivered via normal delivery at full term, weighing a healthy 3.1 kilograms. He was breastfed for 14 months and achieved all developmental milestones on time. His immunizations were administered according to schedule. In the family, his father is a businessman, and his mother, a Civil Engineer, has temporarily paused her career to care for him.

The parents were counselled and assured of significant improvement through the implementation of corrective measures in the child's diet and other factors contributing to constipation alongwith Homeopathic treatment.

Based on the child's case details the necessary medicines were prescribed by Dr.Shah



During the first follow-up on January 10, 2024, the child reported approximately 30% relief from symptoms. With adherence to prescribed medications and dietary recommendations, the frequency of bowel movements improved to daily, a significant change from the previous pattern of every 1.5 days since birth. Straining during bowel movements also notably reduced. Based on this feedback, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed a continuation of treatment for another 6 weeks.

During the second follow-up on February 21, 2024, the child's mother reported that the child was completely free from constipation symptoms and no longer required further treatment. The parents expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the successful outcome of the treatment.



This case shows how well homeopathy can help young children with constipation. In just 4 months, the treatment from Life Force Homeopathy, along with some changes in diet and routine, made a big difference. It proves that homeopathy can really work for kids, giving them and their families hope and relief.

- Written by: Dr Aditya Atholi, Associate Doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D

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