No more sneezes, Homeopathy's complete relief from Allergic Rhinitis

A 41-year-old male patient (Patient ID: 49675) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Jayanagar Branch on November 3, 2022, seeking treatment for allergic rhinitis that had persisted for four years. He reported experiencing continuous bouts of sneezing, approximately 50 times, particularly during the early morning and midnight hours. Additionally, he suffered from nose blockage at night and itching in his eyes and palate.

The patient endured severe episodes of allergic rhinitis 3-4 times annually, each lasting 1-2 months. These episodes are exacerbated during cold, rainy weather, cloudy days, and with the consumption of cold food and drinks. He resorted to taking Allegra 120mg (an antihistamine) during severe bouts of symptoms.

The patient's past medical history was reviewed and updated, and his family medical history was also discussed and updated accordingly. A comprehensive case history was taken, taking into account both his mental and general symptoms.


Physical generals:

He was a non-vegetarian with a moderate appetite, particularly enjoying spicy and salty foods. He experienced increased thirst, consuming approximately 3-4 litres of water daily. His perspiration was moderate, and he found extreme winters difficult to tolerate. Bowel movements were regular, and there were no urinary symptoms reported. He enjoyed sound sleep and preferred lying on his left side.


Mental generals:

His mental state was also taken into account. He recalled a happy childhood within a supportive family environment. Being introverted, he required time to familiarize himself with new individuals, yet communicated effectively within his established circle. He harboured a fear of heights but exhibited considerable patience and a calm demeanour in confronting various situations.

Dr. Shah thoroughly evaluated the entire case and prescribed appropriate medications accordingly.



During his initial follow-up on December 27, 2022, the patient exhibited a remarkable 60% improvement in his condition. Remarkably, he had only resorted to antihistamines once in the past 1.5 months.

By May 5, 2023, his condition had further improved by 90% within a span of 6 months, and he had completely discontinued the use of antihistamines.

Subsequent follow-ups revealed continued improvement in the patient's condition. Expressing immense satisfaction with the results, the patient extended his gratitude to Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force team for their outstanding care. He particularly appreciated being able to completely cease the use of antihistamines.



Homeopathy stands out as the optimal treatment for allergic conditions, catering to individuals of all ages, devoid of any harmful substances and associated with zero side effects. Its efficacy lies not only in alleviating symptoms but also in providing a lasting solution to allergic issues. By addressing the root cause of the ailment rather than merely treating its symptoms, homeopathy offers a permanent cure, ensuring sustained relief from allergic complaints.


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