Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss Reversed to Bilateral Hearing in Normal Limits in 5-Year-Old Boy at Life Force

Otitis media is a type of ear infection. It is a painful condition in which the middle ear becomes inflamed and infected. It is common, particularly in children. It often starts with a cold or allergies.


A 5-year-old child, Mast. K. M. R. along with his father and grandfather visited Life Force Homeopathy’s Thane branch on 30th March 2023 with the presenting complaints of whitish thick discharge from both the ears in the morning 2 months back. He was experiencing episodes of pain in both ears at night 2 months back, difficulty in hearing in bilateral ears for 5 months, and unresponsive to a low-pitched voice for which he had taken conventional medicines for 5 months.


Medical History:

On 12th December 2022, Audiometry test-B/L revealed moderate to severe conductive hearing loss.


Medical History:

The child was suffering from recurrent cold and cough for 1 year and was taking anti-allergics medicines for redness of the throat. He was experiencing bilateral swelling of adenoids for 5 months. He had no pain and no difficulty in swallowing.


Treatment Process at Lifeforce Homeopathy:

The patient's detailed medical history and current medications were reviewed. Dr. Rajesh. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed medicines to the patient. Considering the complexity of the case and a lack of significant improvement with her current treatment, a holistic approach that included dietary changes was considered. The blood investigations were recommended and certain deficiencies of vitamins were found for which supplements were suggested to promote overall well-being.

Subsequent follow-ups were taken regularly. 



At the first follow-up on 9th May 2023, improvement in hearing was observed. The patient was responding to the instructions and treatment. No discharge from ears was present. He reported episodes of adenoids, cough, and cold.


At the follow-up on 18th June 2023, a significant improvement was observed. No discharge or ear pain was reported. The better hearing was reported with mild occasional itching in the ears.


At the follow-up on 30th July 2023, the patient reported much better overall health and reduced episodes of cold. A marked improvement was observed in hearing and a reduction in ear pain for the past 3 months.


At the follow-up on the 15th of September 2023, the patient reported an 80% improvement in discharge or pain in the ears. The hearing was improved significantly. One episode of cough and cold was treated with conventional medicine.


At the follow-up on the 27th of October 2023, the patient's condition improved by 80%. No discharge or ear pain was reported. Hearing sensitivity had improved. One episode of cough and cold was treated with conventional medicine. The Audiogram report on 28.10.23 indicated bilateral hearing sensitivity within normal limits. A significant improvement from the previous report of moderate to severe conductive hearing loss on 12.12.22 was experienced.



Audiogram report before 12.12.22


Audiogram report after 28.10.23





Master K. M. R.'s case of otitis media, which was unresponsive to previous treatments, showed a remarkable improvement with the holistic approach taken at Life Force Homeopathy. Through a combination of homeopathic medications, dietary changes, and overall health promotion, the patient experienced significant relief from ear discharge, pain, and hearing difficulties. The positive progress observed in the audiogram reports from moderate to severe hearing loss was reversed to bilateral hearing sensitivity within normal limits. And, no episodes of recurrent colds, coughs, and adenoids further confirm the effectiveness of the treatment provided.

  • Written by Dr. Deepa Chandroth, an Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom) at Life Force Homeopathy.




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