Lines of Code, Lines of Health: A Software Engineer's Experience with Homeopathy for Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. Based on the location of piles, they can be classified as internal or external piles. Medical professionals grade internal piles on a four-point scale as Grade1, Grade2, and Grade 3 and Grade 4 piles.

Symptoms include pain and discomfort in the anal region, bleeding, a lump or swelling in the anal region, and itching.


Case study:

On May 16, 2023, a 39-year-old male patient, Patient identification number -51510, visited the Life Force Homeopathy Jayanagar Branch, reporting a one-year struggle with haemorrhoids. His primary symptoms included discomfort in the groin area, difficulties with bowel movements, and reliance on husks to aid evacuation. Examination revealed grade-1 haemorrhoids without perianal swelling. He experienced mild episodes lasting from half an hour to two days, occurring 1-2 times per month. The patient expressed concern over his increasing dependency on husks. Comprehensive medical and familial histories were recorded, encompassing both physical and mental aspects.


Physical generals:

The patient was primarily vegetarian with a normal appetite, enjoying spicy foods and sweets while having an aversion to cauliflower. He exhibited reduced thirst, consuming less than 2 lifters of fluids daily, and displayed average sweating. Intolerance to extreme weather was noted, without any urinary symptoms present. Sleeping habits included sound sleep with a preference for lying on his left side.


Mental generals:

The patient recalled a happy childhood within a supportive family but experienced frequent anxiety and susceptibility to stress. He harboured a fear of flying and maintained a systematic and disciplined demeanour. Emotionally inclined, he initially leaned towards introversion but adapted to speak with team members due to job-related demands. His intellectual faculties, encompassing memory, perception, intelligence, analysis, and logic, were all assessed and found to be proficient.


Dr. Shah, upon comprehensive review of the entire case file, prescribed medications following a thorough analysis. Additionally, the patient was provided with a diet chart addressing the specific complaints.



The first follow-up, conducted on July 11, 2023, revealed complete relief from groin region pain, although bowel movements remained challenging and relied on husk. An overall improvement of 10-20% was noted.


Subsequent follow-ups on September 12, 2023, indicated further progress, with the patient ceasing husk usage and experiencing a 30-40% overall enhancement.


By November 16, 2023, overall improvement reached 60%, increasing to 70% by January 2, 2024.


By March 27, 2024, the patient's condition had advanced by 90%. The patient expressed deep gratitude towards Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force team for alleviating the distressing symptoms of haemorrhoids.



The presented case underscores the efficacy of homeopathic medications in managing haemorrhoids and associated symptoms. Homeopathy offers gentle relief without resorting to surgical interventions. By targeting the root cause and potentially modifying genetic predispositions, homeopathic remedies not only alleviate symptoms but also reduce the likelihood of recurrence. This highlights the comprehensive and sustainable approach of homeopathy in addressing health concerns.


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