Life Force Homeopathy quick and positive impact in case of Colitis

On December 18, 2022, Mr. V.K, 47 years old (Patient identification number: 50122), visited our Santacruz branch, seeking relief from colitis and pancreatitis. Despite initial conventional medication, his discomfort and pain persisted. Opting for a different approach, he chose homeopathic treatment.


A thorough case history was documented, capturing significant patient details.


The patient had abdominal pain that radiated to the back. Abdominal cramps on the right side, accompanied by constipation involving hard stools and straining, persisted despite consuming about 1 litre of water in the morning. The patient experienced fatigue and weakness, leading to a desire for excessive sleep, all attributed to the pain. A weight loss of approximately 3-4 kgs occurred. The patient reported feeling feverish and had daily episodes of nausea and vomiting. At that time, the patient was on a Tablet. Mesacol twice daily for 2 years, Tablet.Pantoacid once daily for 2 years, and Tablet. Normaxin twice daily for 1 month, along with a prescribed painkiller for severe complaints.

The patient had a course of antibiotics for 10 days in December 2022. Two years ago, the patient was hospitalized due to bleeding in stools, leading to a diagnosis of colitis and pancreatitis. Subsequently, allopathic medication was initiated and continued.


Physical Generals:

The patient had an average appetite and followed a vegetarian diet. He had a specific craving for sweets and disliked salty and sour foods. The patient used to feel warmer than usual.


Mental generals:

He was very mild, gentle, and naturally timid. Concerns about the future were a constant during his upbringing, making adolescence a stressful period. Following the diagnosis of colitis and pancreatitis, his health-related stress intensified. He became more cautious about his diet because any food intake resulted in pain.



A) Video colonoscopy report: Date: 17.11.2022

-  Colonoscopy diagnosis: Pan colitis? Infective? Inflammatory


B) MR Cholangiography (MRCP):17.11.2022

- Mild hyperintensity is seen on the -T2 fat sat sequence in the pancreatic duodenal groove and   Para duodenal region like inflammatory changes.

- The main pancreatic duct is not dilated and shows subtle luminal irregularity.



After a comprehensive case analysis, the case was presented to Dr. Shah. Based on the specific requirements of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 30 and NUX - VOMICA 30.



In the initial follow-up, eight weeks after the commencement of treatment, the patient's voice conveyed improvement, lacking the previous dullness noted during the initial visit. When asked about his condition, the patient reported feeling 20% better and improved compared to the earlier assessment. Notably, the patient ceased taking Tablets. Normaxin, a medication for abdominal pain, cramps and constipation, after one month of treatment. Subsequent prescriptions were made, and medications were dispatched to the patient.

In subsequent follow-ups, the patient continued to show significant improvement. In the most recent follow-up in November 2023, the patient reported feeling approximately 90% better, relying solely on anti-inflammatory medications. Within just one year, the patient successfully discontinued all pain medications, experienced no weakness or fatigue, and had ample energy to navigate through the day with reduced sleepiness.

He has been advised to keep up with the treatment for a longer duration. The goal is to eventually discontinue all conventional medicines and ensure that he relies solely on homeopathic medications.



This case highlights the effectiveness of Homeopathy in challenging conditions like colitis, providing relief for patients in painful situations. When individuals have long depended on conventional treatments with their accompanying side effects, Homeopathy emerges as a beneficial alternative. Carefully selected homeopathic remedies, combined with a suitable diet, not only alleviate symptoms but also contribute to overall well-being without adverse effects. Homeopathy plays a crucial role in helping patients overcome such painful conditions, offering a holistic and side-effect-free approach to healthcare.






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