Life Force eases gastric symptoms in a middle-aged man with Gallstones and Gastritis

A 50-year-old man (PIN - 51339), visited Life Force Homeopathy on April 23, 2023, complaining of gastritis he'd been dealing with for six months. His main issues were more heartburn, a burning pain in his upper belly, and sometimes throwing up in the morning. The pain spread from his upper abdomen to his lower back, making it hard for him to eat. The heartburn got worse during meals but got better with warm water. He had two really painful stomach pain episodes in the past six months; this could be potentially associated with both gastritis and gallstones which he was suffering from.

An ultrasound on April 19, 2023, showed a Grade-1 fatty liver and a gallbladder stone of 1.8 cm.

We asked about his past and current treatments, medical history, and family history in detail. We also looked into both his mental and physical symptoms for a complete case history.


Physical generals:

He was non-vegetarian, enjoyed spicy food and sweets, and drank 2-3 litres of water daily. He had no issues with his bathroom habits and didn't complain about his urine or motion. He couldn't handle extreme weather, sweated normally, and had trouble sleeping, preferring to sleep on his back. Overall, he had a regular appetite.

During the examination, his blood pressure was within the normal range, and his weight measured around 76 kg.


Mental generals:

The person had a happy childhood and a good family. His married life was fine, and he was a gentle and polite person, but he worried a lot about his health and job. He got easily hurt as he was sensitive. He worked a lot and took his job seriously. He didn't have many friends because he was reserved. He was smart, with good memory, thinking, and analysis skills.



The initial follow-up on 23.6.23 showed a 40%-50% improvement in the patient's condition, with reduced frequency, severity, and duration of attacks of gastric complaints. Subsequent follow-ups on 8.8.23 revealed an overall 60% improvement. By 10.10.23, the patient fully recovered with no symptoms, expressing great satisfaction with Dr. Shah's treatment at Life Force.

The patient has experienced symptomatic improvement, and as a result, he has not undergone a repeat ultrasound, making it challenging to assess the current size of his gallstone. Furthermore, the patient expressed reluctance to undergo a follow-up ultrasound due to the alleviation of his complaints.



Homeopathy significantly addresses conditions like gastritis and gallstone-related gastric trouble, as demonstrated in this case. Its proven effectiveness ensures lasting relief and safety for all ages with gentle, harm-free medicines. Homeopathy effectively manages gallstone symptoms, offering a viable alternative to surgery.

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