Laxative Free Life Was Achieved by a Constipation Patient with Homeopathy

A male patient, Mr. M. N. O. (PIN: 50876) came to the Chembur clinic of Life Force on 6th March 2023 with the complaint of constipation, which had been bothering him for 2 years. He had a complaint of unsatisfactory stools with occasional hard stools, occasional bleeding in stools, and with complaints of indigestion. He also had complaints of flatulence, bloating, and tight feeling in the abdomen.


The patient was a foody person and liked eating chicken and spicy food. He had bad habits of chewing tobacco thrice a day. He was experiencing average sweating. His intake of water was good.


He was working as a machine operator in an infrastructure company. He was dependent on Cremaffin syrup for 1 month.


After a careful study of his case, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed Sulphur to the patient and also suggested certain dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes that he needed to follow for better results.




At the first follow-up on 17th April 2023, the patient said his stools were soft and bowel movements were satisfactory. He used to pass stools daily without Cremaffin. He had experienced an improvement in the relief from bloating and heaviness in the abdomen.


He had also made the desired changes in the diet. Dr. Shah had recommended a diet that included salads, fibrous food, and plenty of water along with a reduction in junk food and oily foods.


In the coming follow-up, the patient experienced improved relief. His complaints of constipation vanished in 8 months of homeopathic treatment.



Homeopathy has helped wonderfully in this case of constipation. Diet and lifestyle play a very important role in your digestion and formation and passing of the stools. Homeopathy along with proper dietary changes offers good results in treating the cases of constipation. This case highlights that homeopathy can relieve you of constipation successfully and safely without any side effects.



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