Hope Restored: Palmo Plantar Keratosis Healed within 6 Months

In February 2023, a 25-year-old man (PIN: 50627) approached us for assistance due to severe dryness and rough, scaly patches on both of his soles, accompanied by persistent itching since 2017.


Despite attempting various conventional treatments, including emollients, moisturizers, and steroidal medications, he found no relief.


Upon examination, the patient presented with dry, rough, scaly patches on the soles of his feet, accompanied by a few cuts and significant dryness. Walking barefoot had become uncomfortable and even painful due to the presence of these dry scales. A diagnosis of Plantar Palmar Keratosis (PPK) was made, with the condition affecting both palms to a lesser extent and remaining stable with the use of emollients. However, the lesions on the soles were progressively worsening each year, particularly exacerbated during colder weather or winters.


In addition to PPK, the patient had been battling a fungal infection affecting both thighs for the past 2-3 years, despite consistent treatment with antifungal medications.


The patient was soft-spoken of reserved nature and held strong familial ties. He was employed in the private sector and expressed satisfaction with his work-life balance.


There was no significant medical history in either his personal or family records.


Considering his comprehensive medical history, Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines to his condition. Additionally, the patient received guidance on dietary adjustments and was instructed on foot care practices.





About six weeks after his initial consultation, the patient returned for his first follow-up and experienced a 10-15% reduction in his symptoms. Dr. Shah adjusted his prescription accordingly.


Following another four months of treatment, there was a noticeable improvement of 50 to 60% in scaling, with cessation of dryness and itching.


Within six to seven months of treatment, the improvement extended to 70 to 80%, with the fungal infection also showing a 70% reduction, manifesting only occasional itching post-sweating. The patient was advised to continue treatment.


The patient has since fully recovered from PPK and the fungal infection, remaining stable to date.


This case of PPK, unresponsive to conventional corticosteroids, emollients, and antihistamines, presented a challenge as the disease progressed. However, under Dr. Shah's expertise and with the use of research-based homeopathic medicines, it was effectively controlled and completely cured within 6-7 months.



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