Homeopathy's victory over ovarian cyst struggles

An ovarian cyst refers to a small sac filled with fluid that develops either on or inside an ovary—a key component of the female reproductive system.  Mrs M.S, a 41-year-old lady (Patient ID: 15498), sought help from Life Force Homeopathy in Thane on August 10, 2022, due to recurring ovarian cysts dating back to January 2011. Life Force Homeopathy had previously assisted her, resulting in a nearly 90% improvement in her complaints of ovarian cyst. However, the cyst returned, leading to allopathic treatment for 8-10 months, bringing relief. Unfortunately, in 2019, the ovarian cyst recurred, accompanied by a uterine fibroid.


Initial evaluation and case details:

During her visit, the doctor at Life Force meticulously examined Mrs M.S.'s detailed medical history and her medications for the ovarian cyst. She reported inter-menstrual bleeding, characterized by normal-coloured blood, increased evening flow, using 3-4 pads daily, painless flow, and occasional large clots. She took Tablet Pause to control bleeding and complained of abdominal bloating. Emotional symptoms included occasional moroseness and irritability.

To address these concerns, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed medicines based on her case history and recommended dietary changes, initiating treatment on August 22, 2022.



1) October 4, 2022:

The patient observed a significant improvement, with no bleeding between periods. Occasional bloating persisted, but regular menstrual flow was normal.

2) December 12, 2022:

The patient reported no bleeding between periods in the last two cycles. The monthly cycle was regular with normal flow and occasional bloating.

3) October 26, 2023:

Remarkable improvement was noted, reaching an 80% recovery level. No bleeding between periods for the past 8 months. Regular menstrual flow every 25-28 days, lasting for 3 days. Occasional bloating showed improvement.

A pelvic ultrasound on August 16, 2023, revealed no evidence of a cyst. However, a uterine fibroid (32 x 30 mm) was detected at the right lateral wall, with an endometrial thickness of 7.1 mm. The ovaries appeared normal.

The patient provided a detailed listing of Last Menstrual Periods (LMP) from October 21, 2023, to April 21, 2022.



1) Ultrasonography of the Pelvis (16.07.2022):

- Right ovary: 2.22 x 1.28 cm

- Left ovary: 2.68 x 1.70 cm: A cystic lesion of size 1.7 x 1.5 cm is seen in the right ovary with echoes and thin imperceptible septae within s/o likely haemorrhagic cyst.

- Impression:

1) Uterine fibroids

2) Left ovarian haemorrhagic cyst

2) Ultrasonography of the Pelvis (16.08.2023):

Uterus normal in size, 32 X 30 mm uterine fibroid at the right lateral wall.

Both ovaries appear normal, with no evidence of adnexal mass)



Mrs. M. S's case showcases the effective handling of recurring ovarian cysts through homeopathic care at Life Force. Her symptoms consistently improved, with no bleeding between periods and less bloating. This case emphasizes how homeopathy successfully deals with complicated women's health issues, offering relief without relying on conventional medications.

- Written by Dr. Deepa Chandroth, an Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom) at Life Force Homeopathy.




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