Homeopathy Proved to Be the Right Choice for Total Recovery from Allergic Rhinitis Without Any Side Effects

Allergic rhinitis is a medical condition where the body overreacts to some substances (allergens). Due to allergens, the mucous membrane of the nose is inflamed or swollen. Sneezing, watery nasal discharge, redness of the eyes, lachrymation, cough, etc. are a few common symptoms of this disease. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should read this case study and note the extremely good results that homeopathic medicines offer.


Case Study:

A 13-year-old boy, Master A. R. K. (PIN: 45598) consulted at Life Force Homeopathy’s Vashi center in June 2021 for the treatment of his 1-year chronic complaint of allergic rhinitis. His allergic symptoms appeared two-three times a week and used to last for one day every time. He used to experience sneezing, watery nasal discharge, and lachrymation during the episode. He had taken conventional medicine (mainly antihistamines) and Ayurvedic medicines during the episode. However, he didn’t experience satisfactory relief; so, he opted for homeopathy.

For the homeopathic prescription, a detailed case is required. So, his physical general, mental sphere, and medical history were noted.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian. His appetite and thirst were normal. He was fond of milk. His bowel movement and urination were good. He didn’t perspire much. The patient enjoyed a sound, refreshing sleep.


Psychological Generals:

The child was studying in the class 7th. His father was running a business of fruits, and his mother was a homemaker. He was a single child. Mentally, he was a happy and confident child. He was good in academics. He was an obedient child.


Self and Family’s Medical History:

The patient had no specific medical history. But, in his family history, his paternal grandfather had diabetes and hypertension issues, and, his maternal grandfather has hypertension.

In his examination, a mild inflammation of the bilateral nasal turbinate was present.


At Life Force:

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed the appropriate medicine for six weeks and also guided him to follow a specific diet and other management measures.



After six weeks, he gave his first follow-up and reported no change in his condition but the disease condition had not progressed further. So, the next six-week medicines on the totality of the symptoms were prescribed to the patient.

After taking homeopathic medicine for 4-5 months, in December 2021, he reported a 50% improvement in his symptoms. His frequency which was two-three times a week was reduced to once a week. The intensity of all his symptoms was also reduced. He was prescribed the next batch of medicine and advised to follow a restricted diet.

In February 2022, his frequency of episodes was triggered. His symptoms appeared every alternate day for a few days. This triggering was due to the prevailing weather changes. So, some additional medicine was prescribed to the patient. With this, he recovered from all his symptoms.

After four months of homeopathic medicine, in July 2022, he reported extremely good results. He experienced a 70% improvement with homeopathic medicine. He did not use any conventional medicine during the episode.

He was regular with medicine and followed all diet and management instructions. In December 2022, he reported no episode of allergic symptoms for a few months. Even in January 2023, his condition was very good. He did not face any episodes even though the winter was present. So, he was advised to stop the treatment and follow the general instructions for good health and well-being.



This case indicates that Homeopathic medicines enhance immunity and improve healing internally, effectively, and safely without any side effects. In this case, also, the allergic rhinitis patient found extremely good, long-lasting results with homeopathy.

Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)

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*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.