Homeopathy Healed 5 Years Chronic Psoriasis Patient In Just 9 Months

A 32-year-old female, Mrs. J.Y.J. (PIN: 42631) approached Life Force on 14th February 2020 with the complaints of Psoriasis that she was suffering for the past 5 years.

The patient presented with severe reddish coin-shaped psoriatic plaques on her entire body. She had severe scaling with uncontrolled itching on all the psoriatic eruptions, particularly on her scalp, behind the ears, with small eruptions on the forehead, neck, chest, abdomen, arms bilaterally, elbows, forearms and thighs bilaterally, knees, legs, and feet. Besides these skin eruptions, she had developed cuts and cracks with severe burning. The eruptions had first started on her legs and, later, spread to other parts of the body.


Her entire case was taken with details of her past complaints and family history of skin complaints if any. Her mental stressors and major worries were identified.


Medical History:

In addition to psoriasis, the patient also had associated complaints of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with alternating loose and hard stool and frequent motions, particularly after eating anything.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a vegetarian and had cravings for sour food. She had no specific aversion to any food. The patient had an average thirst, and her urination was normal. Her sleep was disturbed due to constant thoughts.


Psychological Generals and Family Make-Up:

The patient was a housewife and had 2 kids a son and daughter of 11year and 9 years respectively. She was confident, expressive, and irritable nature. In her childhood, she experienced struggle due to her financial situation and had no support from her extended family. She could not study after 8th class and was in deep regret for the same. Her life after marriage was good. But, now she was taking a lot of stress about her disease and was particularly anxious about her health.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah went through the case in detail and, after analyzing the case, prescribed medicines to the patient. We commenced her treatment with an initial 6 weeks of medication starting on 15th February 2020.



By March 2020, her eruptions started reducing by 10% to 20%. The patient was recommended certain dietary restrictions, necessary investigations, and supplements that were prescribed.


By June 2020, her psoriatic plaques had reduced by over 60%.


By August 2020, there were no psoriatic eruptions or cuts and cracks at all. Her itching had reduced significantly with no scaling at all.


By the end of October 2020, the patient was 100% better. All her eruptions were cleared, and there was complete relief in her itching. Also, her skin was clear within 9 months and the treatment was stopped.


The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the entire team for providing excellent and quick results with homeopathic treatment within 9 months




This case illustrates that homeopathy can do wonders in treating autoimmune disease conditions, such as psoriasis, in a very short time. The treatment duration varies from case to case because every individual, their lifestyle, and mode of living is different. But, with proper dietary restrictions and sincere efforts in taking homeopathic medicines on time, difficult autoimmune diseases can also be treated in a very short time.


  • Written by Dr. Prajakta Paigude, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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