Homeopathy Delighted A Teen With Lichen Planus With Incredible Results


Lichen planus (LP) is a chronic disease that commonly involves skin lesions and oral mucosaWhen it affects the mucosal region, it is also called a systemic disease. The clinical manifestations of LP have been described as (Pruritic, purple, polygonal, planar, papules, and plaques). 

The most common areas of involvement include the skin and mucus membrane (oral mucosa, face, neck, arm, scalp, genitals, and nails).  The chronic condition presents with periods of remissions and exacerbations. Fortunately, homeopathy can treat the skin condition effectively, gently, and safely with no side effects.

Let’s have a look at a case that has been treated with homeopathy incredibly.


Case study:


A 19-year-old teenager (PIN: 34453) came to Life Force Homeopathy with hyperpigmented lesions over his exposed body parts, such as arms, chest, abdomen, feet, and legs, with severe itching. He was suffering from these discomforting symptoms for about 1 year.


He was mild, gentle, inquisitive, confident, and expressive. He had Googled everything about the disease and talked with our team of doctors over the phone. He was academically good but became poor in his studies due to his health and was more worried about his present disease condition.


On a detailed case taking, it was found that he had no history of illness. He had never undergone any surgical procedures. 


The initial onset of the symptoms of purplish blue, blackish hyper-pigmented, and irregular spots over the extremities were treated unsuccessfully with topical ointments (steroids) and oral immunosuppressants.


On examination, it was found that the patient had multiple hyperpigmented, purplish blue, blackish, irregular, papular lesions over his exposed body parts, such as arms, chest, abdomen, legs, and ankle. The lesions were spreading gradually. His skin lesions were dry and flaky. The patient was experiencing severe itching in the lesions

Physical Generals:

The patient was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had cravings for spicy food. His thirst was average, and he used to drink about 3-4 liters of water daily. The patient couldn’t bear both the extreme climates. His bowel movements were satisfactory, and he had no urinary complaints as such. His sleep was sound, but, occasionally, it was disturbed due to intense itching.


His general and systemic examination was done. His blood pressure (110/80mmhg) and weight (52.8kgs) were checked and updated.


Psychological Make-Up:

The patient was a student. He was happy in his life and enjoyed life as it comes.



Dr. Shah studied and analyzed the entire case details of the patient. After evaluation of the complete case, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient.




At the first follow-up on 23rd July 2019, the patient’s lesions were stable. There was no significant spread of the disease. New lesions had appeared over the leg. Severe itching was present. However, now, the patient was not on any steroidal treatment. Hyperpigmented spots were as it is.


On the follow-up on 10th November 2019, the patient started observing positive changes. There was no spread of the disease nor any development of new spots appeared. His relief from itching was a lot better. Hyperpigmented spots remained as it is.


On 9th February 2021, he experienced a marked improvement in his skin health. The spread of the disease was under control. The patches were stable, and no new spots had appeared. Now, itching affected him only at night. Hyperpigmented lesions had started fading.


On the follow-up on 13th May 2021, the patient experienced a further improvement in his relief in lichen planus. No spread of the disease was observed. Just a few hyper-pigmented lesions were left and the rest of the spots had faded.


During the follow-up on 22nd September 2021, the patient experienced further improvement. No spread of the disease had occurred nor new patches had developed. 20% to 30% of hyperpigmented lesions were cleared off.


At the follow-up on 15th January 2022, no patches nor any new eruptions affected the patient. The recovery from the hyperpigmented patches was 50% to 60% better. The hyperpigmented lesions on his leg were reducing gradually.


At the follow-up on 9th March 2022, the patient had no new eruptions nor any new patches. His hyperpigmented lesions on the arms and legs were clearing off, and he experienced about 70% to 80% improvement in the recovery from lichen planus.




This case illustrates the efficacy of homeopathy in treating lichen planus. Homeopathic treatments are mainly based on individualized predispositions to the disease. Homeopathy utilizes a minimal dose of medication to treat the disease. The results are in the betterment of the patient as a whole with no side effects.


At Life Force Homoeopathy, Dr. Shah has seen and treated many recalcitrant cases of lichen planus and enabled the patients to experience better results with no side effects. Thus, homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planus gently and safely without any adverse effects.


  • Written by Dr.  Anjali Sebastian, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah






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*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.