Homeopathy brought about positive changes, improving the life of an autistic boy

This is a case study of Master K.Y.G, a 4-year-old diagnosed with Autism at an early age, with a patient identification number- 49811. This case explores the challenges faced by Master K.Y.G, his primary symptoms, and the interventions implemented to support his development.

In November 2022, Master K.Y.G consulted at Life Force Homeopathy to begin homeopathic treatment. Before this, he had undergone occupational and speech therapy to address specific challenges associated with autism. Alongside autism, he also experienced a recurrent cold and cough.

Master K.Y.G showed the following signs of autism. He often repeated words, got upset and cried to express anger, and tried to get attention to make connections with others. He had trouble controlling bowel and bladder, which is common in autism. He sometimes got angry when things were not the same, maybe because certain things bothered him or he found it hard to understand when there were different ideas or information. Socially, he found it hard to interact with peers, facing challenges in playing or talking like other kids. Also, he had difficulty making eye contact with strangers, which might affect his ability to communicate socially.


The patient was a vegetarian with a normal appetite and expressed a particular fondness for chocolates. His thirst was less and he tended to sweat profusely and enjoyed good sleep. The patient achieved developmental milestones on time.


Master K.Y.G's mom played a crucial role in his growth. As a single child in a family where both parents are working, she received training and support to learn strategies that helped them have good times together, handle tough situations, and create a supportive home environment.


Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica-30 and other research-based medicines based on his medical history.



Seeing Master K.Y.G's improvement over time makes everyone happy. The careful tracking of his development showed that the strategies implemented were effective, highlighting the dedication of both the therapeutic team and his family.


A breakdown of the feedback over time reveals the following:

In the first follow-up (January 2023), no changes were noted, which is normal for slow progress in complicated cases like Autism Spectrum Disorder.

By the second follow-up (February 2023), there was a notable 30% improvement, indicating that interventions and therapies initiated post-diagnosis along with Homeopathic medicines were yielding visible results.


The May 2023 follow-up showed a significant leap with a 50% enhancement in Master K.Y.G's condition, reflecting the ongoing therapies' effectiveness and the support system's dedication.

The August 2023 follow-up demonstrated impressive progress, with all symptoms showing improvement, reaching 70%. This comprehensive success underscores the efficacy of the multidisciplinary approach to homeopathic medicine.

In the most recent October 2023 follow-up, Master K.Y.G's mother reported very good progress, particularly in eye contact, peer interaction, and reduced aggressiveness, highlighting the positive impact of the interventions.



Master K.Y.G's progress reflects the combined efforts of healthcare experts, therapists, and family. The ongoing positive changes in his behaviour and social skills affirm the effectiveness of the chosen interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Continuous monitoring and adjustments in his Homeopathic medicines will be crucial for lasting improvement. His journey underscores the impact of early diagnosis, Homeopathic medicine, focused therapies, and unwavering support in improving the lives of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

- Written by Dr Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)



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