Homeopathy's Antibiotic free solution for Recurrent Tonsillitis

A 21-year-old girl Miss.A.M (Patient identification number 51696) visited the Life Force Chembur clinic due to recurrent bouts of tonsillitis. She experienced 1-2 episodes per month characterized by fever accompanied by chills, difficulty swallowing, throat pain, and coughing. These episodes only subsided with the use of antibiotics. Since 2020, she has often had throat pain, each time reminding her of the difficulties she deals with.

She craved sweets and sour foods but had a decreased thirst. She was very polite and gentle to speak with, but also naturally shy.

Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed Silicea-30 based on her case details.


During her follow-up after 6 weeks, she arrived with a smile, reporting significant improvement. She had experienced only one mild episode of throat pain with a slight fever, and remarkably, she hadn't needed antibiotics for quite some time. With a strong family history of tuberculosis and respiratory issues, her progress was notable.

Subsequent follow-ups every six weeks showed further improvement, with only occasional mild episodes requiring minimal medication. Eventually, she remained free from any episodes for the past 4-5 months.


This case highlights the importance of timely intervention and personalized homoeopathic treatment. While antibiotics offered temporary relief, her journey underscores the necessity of holistic management strategies addressing both symptoms and underlying causes. Through continued homeopathic care she can now look forward to sustained wellness, breaking free from the cycle of recurrent tonsillitis.


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