Hailey Hailey Disease Treated Successfully with 90% Relief with Homeopathy at Life Force

What is Hailey-Hailey Disease?


Hailey Hailey disease is a rare hereditary disease in which there is blister and erosion formation. The skin and mucous membranes are affected by an uncommon category of blistering autoimmune disorders. The rare skin ailment, also known as benign chronic pemphigus, typically manifests in adolescence. Skin folds such as the groin, armpits, neck, and beneath the breasts are the most common locations for the disorder's characteristic red, raw, and blistering skin to appear with discharge.


Symptoms are worse in the summer months due to heat, sweating, and friction. The condition results due to genetic changes in the ATP2C1 gene and is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. It occurs when one or more genes not working correctly.


As an adult, this disease's symptoms may begin to manifest. The age at which symptoms may first develop varies depending on the condition. A single age range may or may not see the onset of symptoms. Some diseases' signs and symptoms might appear at any age. Knowing when symptoms first appeared can aid doctors in making the right diagnosis.


Fortunately, homeopathy can treat the condition effectively. Here’s a case of Hailey Hailey disease treated with homeopathy incredibly.


Case Study:


A 36-year-old male patient (PIN: 21254) sought treatment at Life Force on 22nd March 2019. He has been diagnosed with the Hailey Hailey disease about eight years ago.




The patient's presenting complaints were pain with smelly discharges from private parts such as groins, genitals, axilla, etc. along with blister formation and watery discharge. The patient was on Tacrolimus 0.1% ointment for about 3 years with temporary relief and stopped using it in November 2016. And, later, he was using SOS. He tried Neosporin and T bact ointments for relief.


Physical Generals of Patient:

He had a typical appetite and wasn't a vegetarian. He needed water more than he should have. He had a propensity to sweat a lot, which was both offensive and ruined his clothes. He had no issues with sleep, bowel motions, or urination and was equally tolerant of the hot and cold conditions.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah carefully examined the situation and prescribed homeopathic solutions and his research-based medicines.




On 29th January 2020, when the patient gave the first follow-up, he stated that his itching and burning had significantly worsened. He had no new patches, but the old ones were flaking more.


By 8th April 2020, the patient reported that the patches on his groins and genitalia had 70% decreased. Along with a 25% reduction in the patches on his inner thighs, the patches in his underarms had much less redness.


When the patient returned for a follow-up appointment on 8th December 2020, his overall relief from the illness had improved by 50%. The healing of blisters on his underarms and in his genitalia had improved by 50% and those in his groins by 70%. More than 50% improvement had occurred in the patches on his inner thighs. But, the itch had gotten a little worse.






When the patient attended Life Force on 19th March 2022, more than 75% of his lesions had healed after a year and a half of treatment. For the last 15 days, he had only mild itching. There had been no blisters, and there were only fewer incidents of infection than before.



The patient recently came for a follow-up on 9th April 2023, while continuing to take Dr. Shah's medicines. Blister formation and edema episodes had significantly decreased. The patient's overall condition was improved by 80% to 90%. Additionally, he is opting for stability-promoting therapy for maintaining his improved skin and health. The patient was extremely grateful to Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force team for the skilled care.





Chronic illnesses like Hailey Hailey disease have the propensity to proceed naturally and recur frequently. The length of the remission phases is increased by homoeopathic treatment. Relapses are less severe and last for a shorter period. Homeopathic remedies therefore gradually aid in controlling such severe and chronic conditions.


  • Written by Dr. Vinay Ram. C, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah






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