Freedom from Migraine, a young lady success story treated at Life Force

A 26-year-old patient (Patient identification number: 51159) turned to Life Force Homeopathy in Jayanagar on April 5, 2023, after battling migraines for a decade, seeking a solution through Homeopathy. The primary concern was a throbbing headache triggered by sunlight, heat, travel, and crowded places. The pain typically initiated at the top of her head, extending to the back of her neck, occurring 2-3 times a week and lasting for 12 hours each time.

A thorough case history, including past and family medical information, was collected, considering both mental and physical aspects.


Physical generals:

The patient had a moderate appetite with no specific cravings and an average thirst, consuming 2.5-3 litres of water daily. Profuse sweating and intolerance to hot weather were noted. Bowel movements were regular, and there were no urinary issues. Disturbed sleep was reported, with a preference for lying on the right side. Dream content often revolved around daily routines.


Mental generals:

The patient had a joyous childhood with a supportive family and a satisfactory marital relationship. Characterized by shyness and reservedness, she hesitated to share personal details even during consultations. Irritability surfaced mainly during headache episodes. Engaging in stitching as a hobby, she preferred homebound activities, avoiding social interactions due to the fear of triggering headaches. Intellectually sound, with good memory, perception, logic, intelligence, and analysis.

After a detailed case history, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines, including his research-based ones. Dietary guidelines were provided for optimal results. Additionally, the patient was instructed to maintain a migraine diary to track episodes and identify triggers.



During the first follow-up on 13.3.2023, the patient's headache frequency improved to once a week, though severity and duration remained constant. Vomiting sensation associated with headaches also improved.

By 1.6.2023, the patient showed substantial improvement, experiencing only 4-5 attacks in the past 2 months.

Remarkably, by 30.11.2023, she was completely free of episodes since the last follow-up.

The patient expressed immense gratitude to Dr Shah and the team for the remarkable results, delighted to have fully recovered from the painful headaches within just 8 months of treatment.



Homeopaths, in addressing the painful disease of migraines, meticulously analyse individual factors such as genetics and mindset. This holistic approach corrects psychosomatic pathways, showcasing homeopathy's efficacy in providing thorough relief and successful results for this challenging condition.








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